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Megyn Kelly Freaks Out Over Obama DOMA Decision

Reported by Priscilla - February 23, 2011 -

For the Christian right, ain't no party like a gay and Obama bashing party! Today, on America Live, The twice hetero married Megyn Kelly was in "high dudgeon" over the Obama administration's decision to stop defending the Federal Defense of Marriage Act because they feel it is unconstitutional. Megyn was on the verge of spitting bullets as she described how this act was passed by Congress and now won't be defended. Of course she didn't really get into the details about how the Obama administration is focusing on just one section of the law - but who needs details when you have some homophobic propaganda to promote. So being the "fair & balanced" news person that she is, she interviewed the homophobic defender of traditional marriage, Maggie Gallagher. Poor Megyn - I guess she thinks that those nasty homos will destroy her sacred marriage - which is something Maggie has been telling us for a long time. (Gay marriage Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in the country) It's just not death panels that you need to be scared of. It's that scary "gay agenda." Wonder what the Log Cabin Republicans think? I guess what Maggie Gallagher thinks is more important. Oh, and before I forget, Maggie Gallagher isn't a lawyer and got beaucoup bucks from the Bush administration to push healthy hetero marriage. But Megyn Kelly is part of Fox "News" and Fox "News" is "fair & balanced." Ya think?

Gallagher said that this is an "end run around our constitutional process." She added that Obama has decided that "gay is like black, that orientation is subjected to strict scrutiny" and that she couldn't remember any attorney general defining "protected classes." Kelly explained that when one is part of a "protected class, it's easier for them to sue...and the gay and lesbian lobby has pushed to make gay and lesbian people a protected class." She added that so far there has been no recognition at the federal level. Ignoring that two courts have declared DOMA unconstitutional, Gallagher said that the courts usually make these types of decisions. As Gallagher spoke, there were daggers coming out of Megyn's pretty peepers. Gallagher said that "the union of one man and one woman is not bigotry." To her claim that this is an "extraordinary constitutional measure," hetero loving marriage (she did it twice) Kelly said "apparently." Kelly asserted that former White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said that Obama knew he couldn't get DOMA repealed. (And praise Jesus for the happy hetero House members, right Megyn!) Megyn, said, with emphasis - "this is not the last you're gonna hear about this on any of the news casts across this nation."

Comment: Pete Williams, the MSNBC legal correspondent, reported on this. Unlike Megyn he was calm and quite articulate. Unlike Kelly he provided the correct explanation which is that "the Obama administration announced that it believes that Section 3 of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) — which prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages — is unconstitutional." Williams discussed how, because of DOMA, legally married gay couples in states where same sex marriage is legal cannot be covered under federal law. Hence, if their partner dies, the surviving partner can't be entitled to any of the social security benefits in the same way that a surviving hetero partner could. But ya didn't hear any of that on that Fox "news" program which, in this case, sourced from one of the most ideological foes of same sex marriage, apart from the Pope, that you could get. Unlike Kelly, Williams mentioned recent court decisions that declared DOMA unconstitutional.

Comment: Gays as a "protected class" - oh, nooooo......Beware, take care, the gay agenda is coming to git ya!

Addendum: AG Holder's statement here



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