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Glenn Beck Pimps His Children for Lila Rose

Reported by Aunty Em - February 20, 2011 -

Glenn Beck didn’t spend all week promoting his Chicken Little Google-12th Imam- Communist-Wisconsin-Nazi-Caliphate-New-World-Order Conspiracy. On Friday (02-18-11) he used his Fox “News” tee vee show to further the Right Wing—and Fox “News”—attack on women’s rights by promoting a Planned-Parenthood-Communist-Eugenics-Nazi-Caliphate-New-World-Order Conspiracy. Or something. It was another one of Beck’s Dr. Phil-style shows with an audience. No doubt to soften the image that he’s a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, The Beckster wore a dark blue pull-over v-necked sweater. However, the presence of an audience automatically means that the show is going to be a wankfest, defined as a show in which Beck finds every permutation of the question, “In how many different ways do you think I’m right?”

After calling abortion the Civil Rights issue of our time, Beck helpfully redefines the issue in a way that he knows his audience will understand:

But I want to start here. I wanna re-frame this a little bit. If I told you that there were people in Afghanistan under the noses of our troops, that were assisting Mullahs that were keeping underage girls in a slave trade and our troops were not reporting it and they were watching it go on—they were in fact insist—assisting or advising the pimps, would you say, “Those troops need to come home and be court-martialed. Those troops should not be serving us”? I think the answer would be “Yes.”

If I told you that our dollars in Egypt were being used to keep young girls—[deep sigh]—in—even a lux—even if they were living in luxury but they were being kept so men could come and rape them and our money was going to give them medical support—to make sure they’re healthy—make sure that they didn’t have children—they got abortions from the rapes every night. If I told you that we had video of people—our own people—assisting them, would you say that that would be a front page story? It’s not a front page story. Because it’s happening here in America. And, it’s happening at Planned Parenthood.

Because, we can all see that those pulled-from-his-ass, made-up rape camps in Egypt being protected by American troops is the exact same thing as Planned Parenthood. It’s so obvious. Beck then goes on to push the discredited ACORN-like, Breitbart-inspired Planned Parenthood Lila Rose tapes that were reported to police long before they were sliced-and-diced and released to the public.

The show also included an interview with Live Action’s Lila Rose, comparisons to Nazi eugenics, smears of Margaret Sanger, smears of progressives in general, and—right at the end—Beck pimps his own children to support his views on abortion. All-in-all it’s a pandering tour de force. Watch:

COMMENT: Planned Parenthood is an organization that gives reproductive advice to, mostly, poor families. Those with a bit of scratch can always get this advice from a family doctor, paid for by their health insurance. Those without? Not so much. And Beck, Fox “News,” and the current crop of GOP lawmakers want to make it even harder for women to exercise their reproductive rights. Priscilla has already written several stories on how Fox “News” has been using Lila Rose to smear Planned Parenthood here, here, here and here. News Hounds also points out that Fox “News” attacks on PP are not a recent phenomenon either here, here, here and here. Glenn Beck is just the latest in a long-line of people who think they know what’s best for everybody’s reproductive rights.

UPDATE: Corrects spelling of "Lila Rose" throughout. Apologies.

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