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Fox News Host: Do What Reagan Did And Just Fire The Protesting Wisconsin Employees

Reported by Guest Blogger - February 20, 2011 -

By Brian

Bulls and Bears led off the show yesterday (2/19/11) with a discussion about the Wisconsin protests. Host Brenda Buttner said of the teachers, "Eric, do what Reagan did and just fire ‘em!" So much for “We report, you decide.”

Naturally, the panel was stacked with people who agreed with her. Eric Bolling said, "Do what the Gipper did… The teachers, when they walk out they're breaking the law. Give them a chance, say, ‘You know what? Get back to work.’… If they continue to break the law, fire them all, pull their benefits, the pensions, their health care." …Fire ‘em, get rid of ‘em, buh-bye.”

Democrat Regina Calcaterra was one of the few to disagree. "I do strongly believe that Governor Walker brought this on himself by trying to get this bill and then shove it in and not bring unions to the table to try to negotiate... So he’s left the unions with only one thing to do, they’re going to have no more rights so they're protesting. They have a right to protest.” She argued that these protests were different from the 13,000 air traffic controllers that Reagan fired after they struck in 1981 because that “put the nation at peril.” Calcaterra said, “These teachers, these public sector workers are not putting us at peril."

Buttner prompted more than asked panelist Gary B. Smith, “Gary B., if you or I did something like this, what would our boss do?"

Smith said, "You'd be out on your keester… I think they should be fired at this point. You have a Governor here who is just trying to make the state whole.”

Stephane Finch was the only person besides Calcaterra on the five-person panel arguing against firing the protesters. Plus, there was the banner on the lower-third of the screen that said for most of the segment, “WI’S UNION FIGHT FUELING CALLS TO FIRE WORKERS ON SICKOUT.” But Finch said, "This is a vast, vast workforce… Firing ‘em all is not going to solve anything. You've got to negotiate."

Oh, yeah, there was “Fire ‘em” Buttner on the other side, too. “Everybody said that Ronald Reagan couldn’t fire the air traffic controllers, either,” Buttner said.

How much more fair and balanced can you get?

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