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Wisconsin Protesters Shout Out “Fox Lies!” During Live Report From Capital

Reported by Ellen - February 18, 2011 -

Fox News viewers got more than the producers bargained for, I’m sure, when Your World host Chris Cotter brought on reporter Jeff Flock “in the thick of it” in Madison, WI for an update on the protests and the missing Democratic lawmakers. Almost as soon as Flock got on camera, protesters began shouting, “Fox lies!” and held up anti-Fox signs behind him. UPDATED.

At one point, Flock said, “This is Fox Business Network, just FYI,” to the protesters but it wasn’t. Flock and Cotter are FBN reporters but they were appearing on Fox News Channel, as the graphic on the screen clearly showed.

Cotter sneered about the Fox protesters, “I’m wondering if they would prefer a state-run television network providing all the coverage but they should know that we invited teacher’s union reps to come on to this program and they literally refused to appear on this show so we’re giving them a forum and they don’t want to take us up on that forum.”

Flock went on to say that most of the protesters were “fairly reasoned, calm and willing to talk” because, as Flock said, “we have done our best to give everybody a voice here.”

Yeah, it's just that some voices get heard better than others - unless people take matters into their own hands.

UPDATE: Although I thought this was a live report from Flock, it appears I may have been mistaken. News Hound Aria, who knows about these things, detected signs of editing.

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