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Bill O'Reilly Promotes Anti-Choice Support For Former KA AG Phill Kline - A Victim Of A "Witch Hunt!"

Reported by Priscilla - February 18, 2011 -

The anti-choice movement is in full throttle. With the new Republican House majority, they are seizing the moment in order to get Congress to enact draconian anti-choice legislation. As part of their crusade (jihad?), a recent string of "sting videos" was released by anti-choice zealot and Bill O'Reilly fave, Lila Rose, in order to show Planned Parenthood as unworthy of Title X funding. Gearing up the anti-choice movement even more is what is being characterized, by anti-choice crazies like Jill Stanek, as the terrible persecution of former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline - the man who, despite his relentless persecution of the murdered abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller, never got a conviction on the good doctor. But the state of Kansas is now taking a look at whether Kline committed professional misconduct and "should have recused himself from the Tiller investigation on account of his pro-life convictions, and that he lied to the Kansas Supreme Court, misled a Johnson County grand jury, and discussed the ongoing Tiller case" on "The Factor." If that is proven, he loses his law license. Them's fighting words for the anti-choice crowd who are now uses the opportunity to vilify the state court system, former Gov. and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius, and the usual "baby killing" suspects. Anti-choicers, such as the aforementioned Ms. Stanek, are soliciting donations for Kline's legal expenses. So it comes as no surprise that Bill O'Reilly, who relentlessly demonized Dr. Tiller, is doing his part for Kline who, along with Bill, was part of a tag team that spread lies about Dr. Tiller. And now Bill, whose vilification of Tiller created a climate of hate in which the doctor was murdered by somebody who shares Bill's anti-choice views, is whining about a "witch hunt" against Kline. In his defense of Kline, Bill continues to lie about Tiller. Maybe Bill is angling for another "Courage Award" from a hate group!

Last night, O'Reilly described how Kline "went after" Tiller. (Just like Bill!) Bill did not add that Kline's "going after" Tiller yielded nothing. Bill added "and now they're going after him." Megyn Kelly explained that the "they" is the Kansas legal disciplinary committee. She said that Kline's supporters say "the fix is in." Bill responded that "they think he's targeted because he went after this guy and the people who support Tiller and what he did want to get Kline." Kelly stated that part of the complaint is that Kline shouldn't have prosecuted Tiller because Kline is pro-life. Megyn didn't add that the actual disciplinary letter states that Kline's "strong anti-abortion beliefs interfered with his judgement." Bill lied: "Tiller was convicted of crimes so they can't object to it." Kelly informed Bill that Tiller was acquitted; but Bill was skeptical and said that Tiller was convicted of "a couple of misdemeanors." Kelly said that she "couldn't remember" but Tiller was acquitted on the main charge. O'Reilly lied again when he said that "he was convicted of some of it. Fact Check - Tiller was acquitted of the misdemeanor charges that Kline filed. Kelly claimed that what they're saying is "you can't even go after him if you're pro-life." Bill shouted "that's bull." Kelly agreed that "there's no conflict of interest" Kelly mentioned another question about whether he "misled the Supreme Court." And she added "they're upset that he came on your show and talked about the case. He (Kline) said that all he said on your show was what he said in the indictment." Bill said "right" and "law enforcement does that all the time." When Kelly reported that part of the complaint is that there was "no complainant about child rape," Bill responded that he interviewed these women. (So that proves it?!) When Kelly said that Kline had no official complainant, Bill said "this is a witch hunt, come on." Kelly agreed. Bill said that "it's disgraceful, it's a political thing designed to intimidate anybody who is looking into this area." Kelly said that if he's found guilty, he'll appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court "who've had it out for him in the beginning" and - are ya ready for it - "half these judges were appointed by Sibelius who is a very pro-choice governor who didn't like Phill Kline." She added "he could lose his license" and not be able to practice law anywhere. (Oh, the horror, the horror). Actually Kline's got a daytime job, teaching at right wing Christian Liberty University so he's doing allright. Bill gave his final shout out to his anti-choice pals when he repeated that it is a "witchhunt."

Comment: Regarding Kline's appearance on "The Factor" - O'Reilly told Kline that "the Factor" was in possession of confidential medical records that Kline had under seal. At that point Kline should have investigated why HIPPA laws, regarding patient confidentiality, were broken but O'Reilly was an anti-choice soul brother so no big deal there! Bill O'Reilly used his nationally syndicated and popular program to "go after" George Tiller, a doctor who performed a safe and legal medical procedure, by spreading lies about and demonizing him. And he has the gall to say that "going after" Kline is a "witchhunt?!" How do you spell hypocrisy!


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