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Bill O'Reilly & Laura Ingraham Continue To Lie About Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - February 18, 2011 -

Burnishing Fox News' anti-choice creds, Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham, both members of the militantly anti-choice Catholic Church, have become quite the anti-choice crusaders (or is it jihadists) lately. Last night they did a tag team in their attack on Planned Parenthood. (In this corner, the avenging angels from our lady of perpetual bullshit) But in promoting the anti-choice agitprop, St. Laura of the great big cross bling provided information that was less than truthful. Oh, bless me father for I have sinned?

Bill started by citing the money that Planned Parenthood gets from the taxpayer and "many believe those subsidies should be cut." (And many think it's a far better use of taxpayer money than that spent on wars and abstinence education). He claimed that his pal Lila Rose's Planned Parenthood "sting" videos "embarrassed" Planned Parenthood because it showed two employees talking about underage sex "in a very disturbing way." (Hey Bill, your famous telephone tapes were pretty disturbing!) What he didn't say was that only one employee was shown acting in an inappropriate manner and was subsequently fired. The other employees provided correct information given the laws of the states in which the clinics were sited. Bill described what "the left" believes is the "cost" to society if PP is forced to shut down. Ingraham, who doesn't run a gauntlet of screamers when she goes to her private gynecologist. Good Catholic anti-choice zealot Laura started lying immediately when she said that most of the money made by PP is from abortion when the reality is that less than 15% is abortion related services. She provided the requisite anti-choice talking point: "The idea that the taxpayers should support this is ludicrous." (Hey Laura, how bout my taxpayer dollars going to textbooks for Catholic schools?) Bill then commented about how Texas is "putting in" laws that make abortion more difficult. (Isn't that ducky!) Ingraham described a proposed law which "subjects" women who are going to have an abortion, to a sonogram. She slammed PP for opposing this law which, according to Laura, "just gives women a picture into their own womb." Bill, accurately, said that this is to "discourage abortion." With a glint in her eye and a smile, Ingraham said "of course they do." Bill said that the sonogram is "to make the woman think, here's what's inside you." (Right, Bill, it's all about shaming women who have already made a difficult decision) He couldn't understand why PP opposes it. (Hey Bill, that's because they're outraged that legislators think women are too stupid to know what abortion is!) BTW, the law states that a woman has to wait 24 hours between the sonogram and the abortion. What other surgical procedure has this requirement. For those women, who travel a long distance to have an abortion, this is a hardship. But then Bill and Laura have never and will never have an unwanted pregnancy, so it's all good!

Ingraham lied again when she said that PP is "overwhelmingly in the business to do one thing, perform abortions." (Abortion is only 3% of their business) She whined about how Planned Parenthood does very few adoption referrals. She claimed that "without abortion" PP would be out of business. Naturally, she didn't describe the array of services the PP does provide. She said that if PP wants federal funding, they should just stop doing abortions. (How nice that an affluent unmarried woman is so willing to take away abortion from low income women.) Bill said that Dick Morris suggested that PP could split with the abortion services not getting the money. Fact Check - the federal money doesn't go to abortion. Bill said that he doesn't want any money going to PP (how nice that an affluent male is so willing to take reproductive health services away from low income women.) As he said that it wasn't about their providing other services and "maybe they do," Laura laughed and agreed that the money could be raised privately, including "all these Hollywood types who live and die by the right to abort, supposedly enshrined in our Constitutional texts and of course, it's not there." Going from smug to shrill, she worked in the requisite anti-choice agitprop about how PP "targets" minority women "which we know that Planned Parenthood does." (That's right Laura, those minority women are just so stupid to fall for the siren song of PP). She finished by saying that the government doesn't have the money. She shouted that "talk of women's rights and women's health is a bunch of malarky." (So screenings for cancer and STD's is a "bunch of malarky? Laura was able to have her breast cancer treated, but she doesn't want low income women to have the same advantages?) Going full tilt paranoid, she said it's about one thing, "aborting as many children by chemical means by taking these morning after pills" (more misinformation - the morning after pill prevents implantation- oh, right, the blastocyst is a person before it implants - Okaaay) "or by surgical abortion, that's where all the money is.

Comment: As noted by Jodi Jacobson on RH Reality Check, "Laura Ingraham's Lies Are Dangerous To Our Health!" But really, I thought that Bill and Laura are small government conservatives - yet, they have no problem with government interfering with a decision and procedure that should be solely between a woman and her doctor. Bill and Laura, one assumes, aren't big fans of "welfare" but they don't care that with the closing of PP, low income women will be forced to have children they can't afford and for which there is no financial assistance. Maybe Bill and Laura and their church can take in all these kids cuz we know that Bill and Laura are such good Catholics who just want to save the babies...and for their efforts to do that, by demonizing Planned Parenthood, I'm sure the anti-choicers, for whom Fox is now crafting its propaganda, are very happy. Fox News - America's anti-choice newsroom!

Memo To Bill and Laura:

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