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Steve Doocy Continues To Pimp For Catholic Schools

Reported by Priscilla - February 17, 2011 -

Last week, good Fox Catholic Steve Doocy conducted an unabashed promotion for Catholic education during which he bashed teacher's unions. This past Tuesday, Doocy hosted NY Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan (who did an earlier plug, in November, for Catholic Schools, on Fox & Friends) during which Doocy, once again, suggested that teacher's unions were to blame for the lower academic performances in public school. Seated in front of a photo of the nave of a Catholic church, looking at the high altar, Doocy couldn't have been any more reverential. The chyrons sported a Christian cross. I was expecting either Jesus or the Pope to drop in for a cameo any minute. It was a win-win for Fox as Steve, who hopefully got a few years off in Purgatory, was able to promote right wing propaganda in the form of teacher union bashing and promotion of school vouchers which help Catholic schools. Is Fox "New" courting the conservative Catholic vote - the same folks who hate Planned Parenthood and whose hatred was recently validated by good Catholics Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham? We know that the Pope is Catholic but is "America's Newsroom?"

Doocy began with the question that formed the entire theme of the last Catholic ed promo which was that Catholic schools cost less and do more: "Is throwing more money at schools the only answer. Maybe we should look at Catholic schools which spend less on students and the students end up getting better grades." Archbishop Timothy Dolan was very smooth. He said that he had no quarrels with public schools: "We take all kids. You don't need to be catholic. We do the job for half the cost. If you help us, we can help you. This is a solid education." Doocy ran the stats that showed the superior performance. Dolan said that they do it for half and the quality is better. He added that that he had huge parental support for his schools. Doocy worked in the perfunctory agitprop - "They don't have unions." Dolan, however, said some are represented. Doocy said that they teach values and have discipline. Dolan commented that he doesn't want much from the state - except the money that NY is six years behind on. He then became more avuncular with the sales pitch for vouchers: "Let's return to parental rights, it's their money especially if we're doing the job for half the cost." When he asked "isn't that right," Doocy agreed. Doocy was so happy that I was expecting him to kiss the prelate's ring (after metaphorically kissing another body part)

Comment: The anti-choicers don't want their tax money going to PP. Why then should the taxpayer money from non-Catholics go to Catholic schools? (Oh, that silly separation of church and state!) Public education should be a building block for the USA. Why aren't the Fox Patriots advocating for strengthening the public school system rather than siphoning off money to a school system that is religiously based? Oh right, there is that right wing Catholic vote that's up for grabs. Am I being too cynical? Oh, bless me father for I have sinned.!!!!

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