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Hannity, Malkin And Beck Exploit Lara Logan Assault For Their Anti-Muslim Agenda

Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2011 -

There’s something really disgusting about exploiting a rape for political purposes. It was bad enough that Sean Hannity did that with the assault against Lara Logan last night (2/16/11) in a discussion with Michelle Malkin. But what’s even worse is that I later found out that Glenn Beck did the same thing (solo) earlier in the day. But the most hideous thing is that other than their hate-filled theories, neither offered any hard information about why Logan was targeted – and Fox News allowed that kind of unfounded hate mongering.

In the first video below, Beck made Logan's rape about himself and his astuteness about Egypt. “Let’s go to Egypt,” Beck said, as he lectured at his chalkboard. “While we were watching this jubilant scene – Remember this on Friday? And this was the only program – we were mocked and ridiculed – said, 'Don’t pay attention to this scene, don’t do it.' ...While everyone was saying, ‘Oh, listen, this is great,’ in this crowd, we found out today that American woman was being sexually assaulted, sexually assaulted by 200 men in this crowd. She was rescued by the second-class citizens, women, and 20 members of the military.”

As Jason Easley at Politicususa noted, “What happened to Lara Logan does not make Beck any more correct on Egypt than if I claimed that all members of the Tea Party are racists (because) some skinheads attended a Tea Party rally. The really sad part is that Beck could not even get the few details that he did provide correct. 200 men did not rape her. Logan was repeatedly raped as a crowd of 200 people celebrated Mubarak’s resignation."

Sean Hannity teamed up with sanctimonious sourpuss Michelle Malkin to push what amounted to the same line plus attacks on the left and the so-called liberal media. Hannity offered the sketchy facts (at least he got them right) and added the salacious detail that the New York Post reported that Logan’s attackers yelled “Jew, Jew!”

“My heart goes out to her, she is an extraordinarily brave correspondent,” Hannity said. And then the rest of the segment was a deliberate effort to fan the flames of hatred for Muslims and, of course, liberals. Hannity’s next words echoed Beck. “And I read this and I was thinking about, you know – wasn’t this supposed to be the peaceful demonstration and we have one journalist after another.”

“It’s monstrous,” Malkin agreed, and then launched into her attack. “Many women, in particular, will tell you this is business as usual for many parts of the Middle East.” With her customary contempt, Malkin sneered – out of feigned concern for Logan - that if CBS News and the rest of the mainstream media “want to do right by her and right by all the other journalists who were attacked,” they will “finally find some spine and refuse to whitewash the truth about who these assailants were, what they were motivated by.” From there, Malkin was off on one of her sourpuss rants.

Then Hannity claimed that there’s a “very strong anti-Semitic component there, anti-American component” in Egypt that the rest of the media is ignoring.

“When will they finally speak truth to Islamic caliphate power? It’s about time and you’ve been telling the truths here, Sean,” Malkin said.

Hannity brought up offensive comments by journalist Nir Rosen, for which he has apologized and resigned from his NYU fellowship. Ever the victim, Hannity whined about a "double standard," saying "I just couldn't imagine if a conservative on the radio said that."

Well, Seanie Pooh, Media Matters caught a slew of conservatives saying some really awful things. Can we expect to hear you condemn them on your next show?

Then it was on to – I kid you not – complaints about hate speech coming from the left. I tweeted Malkin because I was sure she’d want to know that Fox Nation is the go-to site to discuss assassinating President Obama and I look forward to her speaking out against it soon!

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