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Steve Doocy Declares "Illegal" Guilty Of Crime That Federal Government Should Have Prevented!

Reported by Priscilla - February 16, 2011 -

Fox News does love to play the fear of illegal aliens committing crimes card. That most undocumented aliens are law abiding is lost on Fox which, as part of the sensationalist media so beloved by Rupert Murdoch, loves to play up the sensationalism of crimes committed by an undocumented who falls through the cracks. In addition to the fear factor, the exposé of illegal crime also serves as an opportunity to bash Obama, ICE, and any other agency that is perceived as being soft or negligent on immigration. Yesterday, Steve Doocy scored a propaganda double as he was able to play the fear factor card and present misinformation about the government's role in a crime for which an "illegal alien" has been accused. And despite the fact that the "illegal" has just been charged, Steve Doocy, as judge and jury, has declared him guilty, too!

Steve Doocy was quite - ah - intense as he began the segment by pointing to a photo of "this guy, right here" who "went on a killing spree." Using his best dramatic voice he said that "it turns out that those people didn't have to die in the first place because" (pointing again to the photo) "this guy right here, Jose Reyes Alfaro is an illegal alien who was ordered deported in 2002. So he should have been gone. So he shouldn't have killed these people this last Thursday. So why is he still here?" Steve then introduced his guest, Virginia Republican state delegate Jackson Miller,who, according to Doocy -are ya ready for it - says "the federal government is to blame." Doocy, ever the impartial journalist, said "you're right, aren't you Jackson." Note - Miller hates "illegals" so much that, in 2007, he crafted a bill to “forbid religious, charitable or community groups from using state or local government money to intentionally serve illegal immigrants by providing food, shelter, education or other social services." Naturally Jackson blamed the government. Doocy, looking very serious, commented about how Jackson had been a police officer and "saw cases like this a lot." Jackson claimed he ran into "illegal aliens on a regular basis" and complained that the police had few mechanisms with which to get ICE involved. Doocy, looking quizzical, said that he "just didn't get it" and did his patented imaginary dialogue when he described how ICE/border patrol representatives tell Fox & Friends that "you know when someobody is accused of something violent or if they've been deported and they've got a record, we kick them out." (Right, Steve, that's what they do) "But obviously in this case" (Steve grimaced) "the system didn't work." As if on cue, Jackson referred to cases "over and over and over again" of criminal aliens having contact with police but who don't get the attention of ICE until they commit a violent "atrocity." He made reference to how Fox provided extensive coverage, last summer, of one such criminal. Doocy said that Alfaro was ordered deported in 2002 and because the police picked him up twice there were two opportunities to deport him and "they didn't do it and now three people are dead." Jackson said that states need to do better screening and "let the federal government know they have them."

Comment: As usual, good "Friend" Doocy doesn't tell the whole story and what he tells is more propaganda than truth. According to the Washington Post, Alfaro encountered either immigration officials or police and was ordered to appear before an immigration judge. Doocy's claim, that because he had prior contact with police (and the article isn't clear on whether it was police or ICE) he should have been deported at that time, is invalid because the law provides the immigrant the opportunity to have a hearing. As noted by the Post, "As is typical when an illegal immigrant is encountered but not under arrest for a crime, they are not held in jail and are given a hearing with the opportunity to prove that they have legal status -- either a work permit, a student visa, a permanent resident "green card," or other immigration exemption. Reyes did not appear at his immigration hearing in August 2002, Bassett said, and a judge ordered him to be deported." So Doocy is wrong that the federal government is to blame. They followed procedure and ordered him deported. However, at that point he had disappeared. But what is even more egregious is Doocy's total disregard for the American legal system. He pointed to Alfaro and stated, as fact, that Alfaro killed people. Memo to Doocy: In the USA one is innocent until proven guilty. Alfaro has been charged with this crime so he "allegedly" killed these people but we don't know that from Doocy's chyron: "Suspect Ordered Deported, Illegal Immigrant Killed 3 and Wounded Three In VA." Obviously this nuance is lost on Doocy. But who needs proper legal terminology and facts when it's all about propaganda. Not only should you be scared of "illegals;" but you should be upset with the government cuz they're not doing their job. And if
Steve Doocy says so, it must be true!? In this case, not so much!

Addendum: In 2003, Alfaro "was granted temporary status, which allowed him to live in the U.S. legally, but it was revoked in 2006, and Reyes-Alfaro was designated an immigrant fugitive."


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