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Fox Nation Thinks Coat Hanger Image, In Pro-Choice Ad, Is "Sick" - Excuse Me???

Reported by Priscilla - February 15, 2011 -

Underscoring the anti-choice position of Fox "News" is the graphic, right up on the first row of Fox Nation threads which is titled "Sick: The Left Uses Coat Hanger in Abortion Attack Ad." Fox Nation, links to a TPM article about an ad done by Move.On (video on the Fox Nation thread), which takes aim at those members of Congress (predominately Republican) whose draconian anti-choice legislation would take women back to the dark days of back alley abortions - the days of the coat hanger, the days when women were killed and hideously maimed because abortion was criminalized. And now, thanks to guys like Mike Pence and his anti-choice cronies, women could be faced with the same, grizzly options that they had back in the "good old days." Naturally, the comments on the thread are about "baby killing" and not about the implications of the coat hanger. What's really sick (and misogynistic) is that "Fox Nation" thinks that women, in their advocacy for their right to an abortion, shouldn't make reference to the ugly truth of what happened before Roe?! Do they think that the coat hanger is just some "left" wing figment of the imagination?! Memo to Rupert Murdoch and those who run Fox Nation: As the title of the video says, "we won't go back!"



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