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Dennis Kucinich Defends Investing In Infrastructure

Reported by Guest Blogger - February 15, 2011 -

By Brian

On yesterday’s Your World, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) spoke with Stuart Varney about President Obama's budget increase in infrastructure spending. Varney tried to discredit the plan but Kucinich did a great job arguing down the objections.

Kucinich said, "You're building infrastructure, you’re actually creating jobs which then adds people paying money into the Treasury through their taxes, and that then inevitably will reduce the deficit. This is a good approach."

Varney argued, "But you would agree, we’ve got to borrow it?"

"The government has to invest money in order to create jobs,” Kucinich said. “…We're talking only about cutting. We're not thinking the effect that this could have as a drag on the economy in some areas." He talked about the need to "prime the pump of the economy."

"Why didn't it work with the stimulus?" Varney asked.

Kucinich answered, "Only a fraction of that was dedicated to building infrastructure. If it had all been dedicated to infrastructure, we would've had more than a marginal effect on the economy." He also spoke about "cutting the Department of Defense and getting rid of these tax cuts. The wars that we've had have cost more than a trillion dollars."

Perhaps realizing he wasn’t making any headway knocking infrastructure spending, Varney went on to sneer that workers might be getting paid too much. "Would we employ people at union scale, with union benefits, and union pensions?"

Kucinich didn’t flinch. "We'd absolutely follow Davis-Bacon, it’s a federal law… We gave Wall Street a ton of money. Working people ended up paying for that, OK? …Nobody's complaining about the tremendous profits that Wall Street is taking. The salaries that people get, how they've been backed by taxpayer's money… We need to have good paying jobs in American and when the private sector isn't creating a job, the public sector has a moral responsibility to do that."

Comment: Good job Dennis!

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