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Shirley Sherrod Serves Andrew Breitbart With Lawsuit - At CPAC

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2011 -

Funny, how with all the gushing CPAC coverage on Fox News over the weekend, I missed the news that, as the New York Times reported, Shirley Sherrod served Andrew Breitbart with legal papers there. Predictably, Breitbart - whose selectively edited video cost Sherrod her job - is playing the victim. He whined in a statement that he "categorically rejects the transparent effort to chill his constitutionally protected free speech." Photos and a written report of other CPAC happenings after the jump from our anonymous correspondent there.

The Fox News Favorites Were There

By Anonymous CPAC Attendee

Hannity's girlfriend Ann Coulter looks pale in person. This woman needs a serious tan. I can actually see veins from the right side of her head. Look at photo #2 near her eyes are all these veins. You may have to blow up the photo. You can see her veins in her skinny arms. I've seen wax figures in better shape. She was sick today (Saturday) with strep throat. Now everyone is contaminated.

Before her book signing, Annie spoke at the main ballroom. The place was packed with people who came to hear her speak. The masses clapped and on a couple of ocassions gave her a standing ovation. To hear her speech, visit www.cpac.org. Media Matters also has copy of the video on their website. When she was through with her speech, I went downstairs to the book signing area. A large number of people, estimate 80, were in line waiting for Coulter to sign their books. The average age of this crowd was 45 and older-your typical Fox News viewers. She enter through a private area, flanked by security guards. The security guards were posted on each side of her. I'm sure she gets death threats.

Andy Breitbart spoke Saturday morning. He dressed like he just came from a homeless shelter. He told the audience that he enjoyed "taking down the left." His goal was to make "the media's lives uncomfortable." He revealed that he randomly goes through Craig's List to search for political liberal/progressive rallies. When he finds one, he goes there to videotape the protesters. Andy says he report stories the "mainstream media refuses to do." He also seeks union protests.

He called ACORN people "monsters." Andy said Obama is behind all these progressive rallies. "You can take on community organizers. Obama has his fingerprints all over this one." Andy told the audience that George Soros is influencing the left. Andy said he had a "sick, twisted, dark heart" and said, "I live for the hate." You have to see the video of him (free with registration). He's completely mad - but we are not surprised.