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Hannity’s Double Standard For Interruptions While Discussing Radical Islamism In Egypt

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2011 -

Friday night (2/11/11), The Hannity show continued its fear mongering about Islamic radicalism in Egypt with two guests with opposing views. The only problem was that Sean Hannity demanded that one be allowed to speak without interruption while allowing the other one to be interrupted. Hannity, himself, interrupted her several times, too, including cutting her off at the end. Can you guess which side got which treatment?

Despite the fact that Hannity’s own expert had appeared earlier in the show telling him something different, Hannity began this segment with the “Cavuto mark” of a statement, “Now there is a growing consensus that a radical extremist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood could be in position to take control of the Egyptian government.” Hannity also worked in a swipe at the “reckless” comments of the Obama administration.

The two guests were the show-boating Islamophobe Islamophobe, Rep. Peter King and Egyptian journalist Jehan Harney.

Harney did not even have the chance to finish answering the first question before Hannity interrupted her with bullyboy contempt.

As Harney began debating directly with King, Hannity interrupted her to say, “Please don’t interrupt. Let him finish his thought.” Never mind that King had just interrupted her.

After she was cut off several more times, Harney asked for one minute “uninterrupted” to explain that the Muslim Brotherhood would not take power because “Egyptians don’t want them to get that power.”

Hannity offered her 20 seconds. However he cut her off after about 14 seconds, saying, “I got to cut you short because we’re way out of time… I apologize.”

Fair and balanced, Fox News style.

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