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More Bill O'Reilly Lies & Smears Against Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - February 13, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly, as a "traditionalist" conservative Catholic male, doesn't like Planned Parenthood because, in its provision of contraception and abortion services (still legal in the USA), it actually empowers women which is antithetical to "traditionalist" Catholic males who seem to think that "every sperm is sacred." (From a great Monty Python flick, btw). The dubious "sting" videos, done by former James O'Keefe associate, Lila Rose's "Live Action" (Wasn't Bill into "live action" with certain- ah - toys?) support Bill's world view and the view of his anti-choice pals that Planned Parenthood is the embodiment of evil because, according to Bill, it "encourages abortion." That only one employee, out of 7 clinics out of thousands of clinics nation-wide, was caught saying something inappropriate (meanwhile Lila's folks were lying but that's not a sin, right?) and that other employees provided accurate information about the availability of services to teens is missing from Bill's attempt to castigate Planned Parenthood at every available opportunity. Bill also doesn't like to admit that Planned Parenthood contacted authorities in a timely manner. Friday night, Bill (a fan of Lila Rose), in the spirit of "fair and balanced," interviewed two supporters of Planned Parenthood about how the networks didn't sufficiently cover this so called controversy - a theme echoed by the right wing website, "Newsbusters" run by Fox fave Brent Bozell. But that didn't stop Bill from continuing his attack on a non-profit organization without whom many women will not have the kind of health care that Bill's nice Fox News health plan provides for Bill's wife. "The rich get rich and the poor get babies," and STD's and breast cancer... "ain't we got fun!"

Bill reported about GOP Congressman Mike Pence's legislation to defund Planned Parenthood adding the ever popular anti-choice meme about taxpayer dollars. Earlier this week, Bill agreed with Pence that PP should be defunded. He said "seven, seven, undercover stings embarrassed Planned Parenthood." He played the segment of the video which showed the fired PP employee. Bill referenced the networks that carried the story and those that didn't. Professor Caroline Heldman, PhD, immediately called out Bill by stating that Bill's assertion that all seven incidents were "controversial," was wrong because there was only one tape that showed an employee disregarding policy and that the other tapes showed employees explaining the law. Bill cut her off by saying, loudly, that the "Bronx one was pretty horrific." (This tape, which PP claims is doctored, showed nothing wrong.) Bill, who didn't want to be a lawyer because he enjoys bloviating, said that there are at least two tapes in which the employees break the law. He then asserted that NBC and ABC "ignored" this and - ya ready for it - "Brent Bozell's organization says that this is a pattern." He didn't note that Bozell's organization is a right wing site dedicated to "exposing liberal bias."He continued that Bozell's group says that the networks "like abortion, not like abortion, but they support abortion rights." ( And obviously Fox "News" doesn't given the hit job on Planned Parenthood done by Laura Ingraham and Bill's earlier Mike Pence piece which included Bill's stalker/producer harassing a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood.) He continue "they don't want to bring any attention to this controversy." Heldman mentioned how the networks don't want to get burned the way they did with Shirley Sherrod. Bill was happy when she said that Catholic Charities, as well as PP, is a "sacred cow." He said that "everbody knows...that 85% of those in the media support abortion rights" and asked Professor Mark Sawyer PhD if this factored into the lack of coverage.

Sawyer said that the networks would be looking for evidence of PP supporting sex trafficking and there's no evidence of that. Bill threw the discredited ACORN tapes into the mix by saying "ACORN made the same argument." (Fact Check - ACORN was exonerated). Bill continued to attack ACORN by citing "all the investigation and all the indictments" which, for Bill proved that ACORN had the same systemic problem that he claims that PP has. (Bill didn't mention any convictions on ACORN) Bill "bet" that this is just "the tip" for PP and assured us that "they're gonna defund them." (Hey Bill, the Senate is pro-choice and I bet that this won't get through it). Sawyer made the excellent point that the anti-choice crowd is against abortion and birth control and they want to tie PP to sex trafficking. Bill, in a shout out to his anti-choice pals, said "it's pro-life, you can't say they're against birth control." (OH, really?? It's considered a sin in Bill's anti-choice Catholic Church which wants abortions criminalized) Bill wanted to know why PP has to "be on the taxpayer dole" and why his dollar's "go to pay for abortions." (Why should my money go to wars I don't approve of?) After Heldman provided Bill with the fact that only 3% of PP's services are abortion, Bill lied (again) about how PP makes a "heavy duty profit on providing abortions, you know that." Bill reiterated that because of the "criminal justice system," Congress stopped "doing business" with ACORN and predicted that they "will bail" on Planned Parenthood.

Comment: Bill is reinforcing the anti-choice propaganda that he and Pence started the other night - that tax dollars are going to abortion when that just isn't the case. If one wants to make a "fungibility" argument, one could make that about federal dollars for Catholic Charities and books for Catholic schools - part of an organization that has done far more harm to children than supposedly PP is doing! He continues to lie about how PP makes a profit. He also continues to lie about how PP workers are "breaking the law." And funny, Bill complains about lack of coverage, from the librul media, about Planned Parenthood but while Fox "News" loved the O'Keefe sting videos, they didn't exactly provide the same kind of coverage to ACORN's exoneration and the discrediting of James O'Keefe. And speaking of coverage, why isn't Bill reporting on how one of the videos appears to have doctored? I'm betting that Lila Rose will be discredited and Planned Parenthood will remain a resource for low income women - despite Bill's crusade - or is it jihad!?


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