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Fox News Buries Its Own Good-For-Obama Poll Results

Reported by Ellen - February 13, 2011 -

Fox News came out with a new poll Friday (2/11/11) showing President Obama decisively beating all his likely opponents. The results have been prominently reported at RealClearPolitics, Political Wire and Politico but on FoxNews.com, I could only find the results buried in a report cheerleading Donald Trump's possible entry into the 2012 election. (H/T Robert W.)

Below is a screen grab of FoxNews.com's page for polling, as of today, at 6:06 PM ET:


I only found the news about Obama's poll results by clicking through to the story about Trump. It's not until the 11th paragraph, out of 16 total paragraphs that you find these important paragraphs:

The poll asked about several hypothetical head-to-head matchups, and President Obama bests each Republican tested.

Romney comes closest to Obama, trailing by 7 points (48-41 percent). Last fall Romney was just 1-point back (41-40 percent, September 2010). A year ago, Obama lead Romney by 12 points (47-35 percent).

The president has an 8-point advantage over Huckabee (49-41 percent), up from a 3-point edge in September (43-40 percent).

Obama has even wider advantages over Palin (56-35 percent), Gingrich (55-35 percent), and Jeb Bush (54-34 percent).

Searching "Obama 2012 poll" on FoxNews.com yields no headlines about the story, at least not on the first three pages of results sorted by date.

You can read the full poll here. You may not be able to find it on FoxNews.com. I couldn't.

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