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Steve Doocy Says Drugs Are Illegal And That's All You Need To Know

Reported by Priscilla - February 12, 2011 -

In the 50's fantasy world of the Christian right, young folks need only know that they shouldn't do sex and drugs. Any further information, which might actually prevent things like AIDS, STD's, and potentially fatal drug reactions, is considered "condoning" this degeneracy. (Remember Bill O'Reilly and the Boulder High Lecture!) The Los Angeles Department of Public Health has published "Ecstasy Harm Reduction Cards," which describe "what Ecstasy is, what the effects are and how to minimize potential harms if a person takes it" and which includes “potentially life-saving information." The card also includes a statement that the drug is illegal. It was developed after the death of a 15 year old who overdosed on Ecstasy at a rave, last year, in LA. It will be distributed at raves. But because Michael Antonovich, a conservative LA County Supervisor, felt that the cards were actually "counseling" people on how to use the drug, the flyer is being revised. So it comes as no surprise that Antonovich was the guest on America's morning show for clean cut "real" Americans whose kids, like Steve Doocy's young adult son (and fellow Fox "News" employee) Peter, would never, ever do nasty bad drugs. Thursday's segment was vintage Doocy with Steve doing his patented grimaces and chortles about why drug use is being condoned when all kids need to know is that drugs are illegal. Really, I'm not kidding

As Doocy introduced the topic, the chyron read "A Dopey Idea, What Happened to Saying No to Drugs?" (There was rich irony in Doocy standing over a chyron with "dopey" in it,) His voice went up an octave as he described the flyer as "telling kids how to take Ecstacy, the illegal drug safely." (Oh, no, we can't have kids who don't say "no" learning how to be safe, can we. Let the little f'ers die on the street. Good enough for them). He reported that flyers are being revised but "one guy wants to stop it in its tracks." Doocy, in his patented buffoon voice, asked "what are these guys smokin?" Antonovich said that while the county has a zero tolerance drug policy, they are "putting out a brochure that condones the use of an illegal drug..." Factcheck - the flyer is not "condoning" anything. Doocy sputtered when Antonovich said that was "an oxymoron." Atonovich continued to lie when he said that this is telling "young people that it's safe to use" this drug. Video of a segment of the flyer was shown which had suggestions about what to do if one is taking the drug. What wasn't shown was the top part of the card which says that the drug is illegal and dangerous. Antonovich said that the instruction to not take the drug was at the bottom of the card which isn't true because it's on the top - right before the description of the effects. The agitprop chyron: "What are They Smoking? Hand out Fliers on How to Use Ecstasy Safely." Doocy read a LADPH statement about how the flyer is being revised to emphasize that "illegal drug use is dangerous." Doocy went into his ever popular comedic stylings when he said "so are you telling me that what they're gonna do is, is just say, hey by the way this is illegal. Antonovich continued to whine about how "telling people how to use an illegal drug is wrong and has to cease." As Antonovich spoke about the death of the girl at the rave, the chyron read "Sending the Wrong Message, Ecstasy Flyers Teach Safe Use and Not Abstinence." (Right, and those abstinence messages really work. Just ask any Catholic high school student!) He claimed that the flyers "encourage" young people to use drugs. His claim that "taxpayer" money being used for this is wrong as the card is "funded by rave promoters and was created by a task force made of city representatives, law enforcement, hospitals and rave promoters." Doocy's shoulders went up and down as he said that the problem is that it is illegal and "since when should the government get in the business of how to break the law." He said "this is just crazy. They should just tell people it's illegal, period."

Comment: Right, Steve. Teach the kids to "just say no" and who cares how many more kids die because they were taught to "just say no" and weren't taught how to take care of themselves. You can take the Doocy out of the kids show but you can't take the kids show out of the Doocy. But really, Steve, as a certain member of Congress, from the great and librul Commonwealth of Massachusetts, once said "On what planet do you spend most of your time?"


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