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Hannity Blames Obama For Republican Misconceptions That He’s A Muslim

Reported by Ellen - February 12, 2011 -

The Great American Panel segment of Hannity Friday night (2/11/11) discussed the Frank Luntz focus group earlier this week in which the majority of respondents said they believe President Obama is a Muslim. In addition to being discussed on The Ed Show, the segment was also discussed on The View. Sean Hannity played a clip from The View’s discussion. Although the panelists all agreed that religion should have no bearing on a presidential candidate’s viability, Hannity seemed unable to pass up an opportunity to malign Obama. So Hannity made a point of suggesting that President Obama’s own outreach to Muslims was to blame. And while he was at it, Hannity also complained that Obama's religion (presumably Obama's "radical Christianity") had not gotten enough scrutiny compared to Mitt Romney's Mormonism. Seriously.

At about 2:05, Hannity said,

I found the double standard for Mitt Romney and the questions about his religion so over the line and so over the top and especially compared with the limited coverage – I interviewed Rev. Wright in March of 07, didn’t even become an issue until 08 and those of us that were willing to listen to what his pastor said – you know, we were called everything in the book.

Later, at about the 2:56 mark, Hannity offered his thoughts about why so many think Obama’s a Muslim:

Let me dig a little deeper here. Could it be apologizing for America? Could it be the so-called failure of his Muslim outreach that we don’t seem to be bearing any fruit from the attempts of the president, he gave a speech in Cairo, etc., etc.

Or could it be that there’s a non-stop drumbeat on Fox News with these kinds of winky wink “questions?”