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Steve Doocy Promotes Catholic Schools & Attacks Teachers' Unions

Reported by Priscilla - February 11, 2011 -

The American public school system was once seen as part of the foundation on which this country rests. But because of a variety of problems which have resulted in less than ideal outcomes there is now pressure to reform the public school system. The recent movie "Waiting for Superman" documents the failings of the school system while presenting "charter schools" as a viable alternative. Another alternative, promoted by the Christian right and the Catholic Church, are "vouchers" which would allow a student to attend the private/parochial school of their choice with a taxpayer funded "voucher." While the problems of the public school system are multi-dimensional, the union hating right wing places the blame at the hands of teachers unions and scapegoats those who teach in places where the right wing would fear to tread as greedy and incompetent. Not surprisingly, America's conservative Christian morning show is taking this ball and running with it. It's interesting. Late last year, Gretchen Carlson did an interview with NY's Bishop Dolan about how awesome the Catholic school system is. At the time, I didn't see this plug for Catholic schools as noteworthy - but rather, a topic of minor interest. After Steve Doocy's shameless plug, this morning, for Catholic schools during which public schools and teacher's unions were cast in a very negative and, dare I say racist, light, I think that there's a pattern emerging. Earlier this week, the Fox website had an article which provided the same talking points that Doocy articulated although the article was far more balanced than Doocy's presentation that blamed the teacher's unions for the problems. Nice to see that in addition to being "America's Newsroom," Fox seems to be the Vatican's newsroom.

Steve Doocy, a Catholic (one of *many on Fox News) whose children are products of the Catholic school system, introduced the topic with a not so subtle attack on public school teachers: "For years teachers unions have been clamoring to get parents and community members to reach into their pockets and pony up more cash to improve their children's education." He then showed video of a teacher protest in which an African American woman, shouting "where's the money," is featured prominently. The agitprop chyron: "Give Up the Bucks? Public Schools Spending More for Less." The clip is identified as being from "Kids Aren't Cars" a movie, funded by an anti-union pro-school choice group, that purports to show, according to Dick Morris, "how the teachers unions are destroying our public schools." The movie producer, Kyle Olson, was featured on Fox & Friends in January. Among other things, Olson contributes to Breitbart's "Big Government." Doocy then cited how a recent study shows that Catholic school students do better on tests and those schools spend less. He then introduced famous "dick" Tucker Carlson whose children, one assumes, are the products of a fine private education as was their dad. (St. George's Prep - quite spiffy). Doocy wasted no time in plugging Catholic schools by saying that the answer to what's best for our kid's education is Catholic schools. Carlson said that spending and outcome are not correlated and claimed that states that spend the less get some of the highest results. (Not in all cases, Nevada spends very little and has terrible results). He talked about how Catholic schools spend less and pay the teacher's less. Agitprop chyrons: "Scoring higher than Public Schools, Catholic Schools Doing More With Less" followed by "Parochial vs Public Schools, Catholic Ed Yielding Better Results." After noting that the Catholic schools do more for less, Doocy provided the money quote for the segment: "that's because they don't have those teacher's unions. They can hire and fire the people who they want." Carlson said the other advantage is that they can "teach their values" including "respect for authority." He admitted that they can take advantage of parents who are engaged and who are willing to pay the tuition. (And if a parent can't afford the tuition, the kid gets tossed - how great is that!) Steve continued the promotion with the point that being a Catholic is not a requirement. He then added that Catholic school parents pay "twice" in that they pay taxes for public schools while sending their angels to Catholic schools and then said it would be nice if the government "took our money and said 'here's our money for your kids education, where do you want to spend it'?" (I guess he's talking about vouchers?) Tucker mentioned how inner city schools are dangerous and unruly and Catholic schools have the advantage that "by and large" there's no violence.

Comment: As noted in the article on the Fox website, there are a variety of reasons why the Catholic schools are successful but you didn't hear that from Doocy who was, most likely, directed toward trashing the unions. In addition to being able to fire teachers, the Catholic schools can expel unruly students.They can also prohibit gay parents from enrolling their children in Catholic schools. As Tucker noted, it's a self selective system. But rather than talk about ways that the public school system can be improved, Doocy attacked the teacher's unions and promoted ways for children to be siphoned off into a school system that is religiously based and as such, would appear to be a church/state issue. Doocy talks about tax money but obviously doesn't care about how, in a voucher system, non Catholics will be paying their tax money for a religiously based educational system. But if the memo from management was bash the unions and promote the RC school system of which I am a not so proud product of 12 years, Doocy got an A+. Maybe he even got a few years off from Purgatory.

*Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Bill Hemmer, Martha MacCallum, Brett Baier, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megan Kelly, Greg Gutfeld. Regular contributors Father Jonathan Morris, Laura Ingraham (who also subs for O'Reilly) Brent Bozell, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum.


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