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Neil Cavuto Likens Federal Aid For Jobless Benefits To Narcotic Drugs

Reported by Guest Blogger - February 11, 2011 -

By Brian

On Tuesday (2/8/11), Neil Cavuto spoke with co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, Mark Meckler, about President Obama possibly helping states pay jobless benefits. That choice of guests guarantees an anti-Obama slant to the discussion but for extra anti-Obama insurance, Cavuto began the discussion by saying, "Well it's just like more drugs, Mark, isn't it?" Please.

Meckler, of course, agreed. "It's the same thing all over again, Neil. And the American public's already spoken loud and clear on this very subject. They don't want to see state bailouts. This is a backroom deal for a state bailout."

Safely ensconced in the anti-Obama framing, Cavuto gave a nod to balance by briefly paraphrasing the argument on the other side. Noting that proponents say that it's not a bailout, Cavuto added they see it as "You're just making conditions a little easier for states to get over the hump."

Meckler, of course, disagreed. "A bailout is a bailout no matter what they call it, Neil. The states owe this money… They're kicking the can down the road like they always do. They're punishing my children, my grandchildren… Americans need to be treated like adults… They're acting like adults in tightening their own belts, we expect that it's time our government acts like adults and do the same."

While he was at it, Cavuto offered up another chance for his guest to swing at Obama, this time over his "overture to the right, meeting with all these CEO's."

"Talk is cheap,” Meckler said. “…This President has been as unfavorable to business as any President, certainly during my lifetime."

I guess Cavuto and Meckler want to sacrifice jobless benefits and, therefore, the unemployed to balance the budget.

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