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Gov. Jan Brewer Uses Fox News To Fundraise For Her Lawsuit Against The United States

Reported by Ellen - February 11, 2011 -

If "liberal" attorney Greta Van Susteren had any qualms about using her show, On The Record, as a fundraising vehicle for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's lawsuit against the federal government, Van Susteren kept them to herself. During the rest of the interview, Van Susteren coddled Brewer like she was Sarah Palin. The entire segment was clearly intended as a set up to promote Brewer's legal theatrics and the money pot for it.

Van Susteren began the interview by saying, as if to a child coming home from school, "Tell me, what did you do today? What was that announcement today?"

"Well, we announced that we were going to sue the federal government (as a counter-attack in the federal lawsuit against Arizona's controversial immigration law)," Brewer said, as though she had just gotten all A's on a report card. "We're ready to go to war with them."

Funny, I thought Fox News liked and loved America. Apparently, that doesn't apply to President Obama or his administration. Van Susteren offered up no objection to or concern over Brewer's "war" talk.

When Brewer announced, "We're in it to win it," Van Susteren giggled and said, "Yeah, I understand."

Van Susteren even put in her own two cents about some "terrible" aspects of illegal immigration. She never questioned whether Arizona's controversial law were an effective or proper way to address the problem. Nor did she explore the Obama administration's objections to the law.

Brewer went on to boast about how the lawsuit, though expensive, wasn't coming out of Arizona's coffers:

It's not cheap, it's not inexpensive, but the people of America have really supported us and my legal defense fund, people have really responded to, have donated, and that is what has kept us going. We haven't spent one penny of Arizona taxpayer's dollars on the fight with the federal government with regards to this.

What she failed to mention was that the lawsuit would certainly cost Arizona taxpayer's federal dollars. That point seemed to escape Van Susteren.

Brewer keyed up her voice as she maneuvered into her direct pitch:

Anybody that's interested, they can go to (she named her website) and contribute and we would appreciate it and I want to thank everyone that has contributed because without their help and support we couldn't do this.

I'm sure Brewer counted Van Susteren and Fox News as part of that help and support.

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