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Former Fox News Employee: Fox News Is "Totally Dangerous"

Reported by Ellen - February 10, 2011 -

There's a must-read post by Media Matters' Eric Boehlert reporting about comments from a former Fox News employee. As Boehlert notes, Fox News personnel rarely speak out against the network so these frank, un-sugar-coated words are particularly striking.

Here's the former employee's inside view of Fox News:

"When you first get in they tell you we’re a bit of a counterpart to the screaming left wing lib media. So automatically you have to buy into the idea that the other media is howling left-wing. Don’t even start arguing that or you won’t even last your first day

"For the first few years it was let’s take the conservative take on things. And then after a few years it evolved into, well it’s not just the conservative take on things, we’re going to take the Republican take on things which is not necessarily in lock step with the conservative point of view.

“And then two, three, five years into that it was, we’re taking the Bush line on things, which was different than the GOP. We were a Stalin-esque mouthpiece. It was just what Bush says goes on our channel. And by that point it was just totally dangerous. Hopefully most people understand how dangerous it is for a media outfit to be a straight, unfiltered mouthpiece for an unchecked president.”

Boehlert and his source consider how Fox News has been able to get away with its blatant propaganda:

As for the press, the former Fox News employee gives reporters and pundits low grades for refusing, over the years, to call out Fox News for being the propaganda outlet that it so clearly is. The source suggests there are a variety of reasons for the newsroom timidity.

“They don’t have enough staff or enough balls or don’t have enough money or don’t have enough interest to spend the time it takes to expose Fox News. Or it’s not worth the trouble. If you take on Fox, they’ll kick you in the ass,” says the source. “I’m sure most [journalists] know that. It’s not worth being Swift Boated for your effort,” a reference to how Fox News traditionally attacks journalists who write, or are perceived to have written, anything negative things about the channel.

I'll add my own thoughts that it has to do with money and power. Reporters know that their next pay check may come from a Murdoch-owned company and/or they are part of a club in which News Corp is a very major player and they don't want to rock a boat that might affect their own comfort level.

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