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Bill O’Reilly Obsesses About His Pre-Superbowl Obama Interview

Reported by Ellen - February 10, 2011 -

Does Bill O’Reilly think there’s anything important going on besides reaction to his pre-Superbowl interview with President Obama Sunday? How about Egypt? The sudden resignation of Rep. Christopher Lee? House Republicans’ proposed spending cuts? Senator Jim Webb’s decision not to run for re-election? Maybe some other time. This week, it’s nearly all about O'Reilly Obama.

True, O’Reilly did manage to work in a few other stories, such as an attack on Planned Parenthood – a cause almost as near and dear to O’Reilly’s heart as himself – and an interview with presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty. But for three days (and counting) there's been an inordinate amount of discussion about that interview. Last night (2/9/11), I counted six different segments devoted in whole or in part about the interview.

Maybe that's what O'Reilly meant when he predicted this would be the most-watched interview in television history.

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