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Like Senator Joe McCarthy, Glenn Beck Becoming Part of the Language

Reported by Aunty Em - February 9, 2011 -

In an article called “The Becking of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords” Chip Berlet tells us of a new nomenclature on the innertubes:

Now the shootings have created a new word floating across cyberspace: “becking.” To be “becked” is to be held up as such an evil and destructive person that someone, somewhere, will interpret it as a call to eliminate that problem through violence.

We only need to remember Byron Williams, who went off on what would have been a murderous spree against the Tides Foundation, had he not been stopped by police on his way to start a revolution. Williams credited Beck with being his teacher.

The new word “becking” is actually only a very small part of an excellent article, which goes on to explain the how the relentless attacks Bill O’Reilly conducted against Dr. George Tiller led to the doctor’s murder. It also explains the “premise of dualism or Manicheaism, and then constructed a frame that uses demonization, scapegoating, and conspiracism to divide the world into a good ‘us’ and a bad ‘them’.”

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