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Bill O'Reilly Enlists Anti-Choice Zealot GOP Rep. Mike Pence In War On Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - February 9, 2011 -

Bill O'Reilly and Mike Pence have a lot in common. They're both conservative Christian males who, in the misogynistic tradition of conservative Christian males, really hate Planned Parenthood. While their wives will never have to walk a gauntlet of screaming and rosary chanting "sidewalk counselors" at Planned Parenthood because they have private physicians who meet their ob-gyn needs, Bill and Mike have no problem sending low income women back to the good old "every sperm is sacred" days when birth control was banned and women died in "back alley abortions." Mike Pence so hates Planned Parenthood, which provides an array of services beyond abortion, that he has submitted a bill to defund it as well as any organization, taking federal money, which provides abortions - which, BTW, is still legal despite the efforts of Bill and Mike's "pro-life" pals to criminalize it. As Gail Collins says in her excellent article, "The Siege of Planned Parenthood," the legislative slogan here is "let them eat leeches." So not surprisingly, Bill O'Reilly, whose relentless attacks on abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, which created a climate of hate in which the doctor was murdered and his clinic closed, earned him a "Courage Award" from the hate group, "The Family Research Council," interviewed his anti-choice soul brother on last night's "Factor." In addition to Pence's commentary, Bill featured his stalker/producer Jesse T Watters who, like Bill, will never know the anguish of an unplanned pregnancy, stalking an employee of Planned Parenthood. He also featured one of Lila Rose's videos which are being used by the anti-choice movement to buttress their case against Planned Parenthood. There's a war against Planned Parenthood and Bill O'Reilly is helping Fox "News" to bring it!

Bill used the background graphic that Laura Ingraham used for her Planned Parenthood hit pieces when she was subbing for Bill last week - Planned Parenthood Inappropriate Advice. He referenced the "stings" done by a "pro-life" group (Note - not "anti-abortion") and used video footage of the employee who was fired by Planned Parenthood for "giving advice on how to get around child sex laws." He then claimed that a new "Live Action" (doesn't that sound so porno!?) video of a Bronx NY clinic "shows another employee doing the same thing." Despite Bill's claims, the employee said nothing inappropriate but was merely providing information on clinic access and guardianship policy. Bill didn't note that PP contacted the FBI before the first tape was released. He didn't note that PP said the tape was doctored. Bill said that NY has a mandatory reporting policy regarding statutory rape. He then showed Watters asking Planned Parenthood spokesperson Stuart Schear if he condoned the supposed malfeasance shown on the tapes that haven't been proven to be accurate. As did Laura Ingraham, Bill cited the money that PP gets from the taxpayer. When he introduced Pence he said that "like ACORN, these tapes should tell the tale." (ROFLMAO - James O'Keefe's doctored tapes that didn't prove diddly. ACORN was exonerated and O'Keefe was shown to be a con artist) Being Lila's fan, he said that he didn't believe that they were doctored. (Hey Bill, here's a short history of the doctoring). He claimed that Planned Parenthood employees weren't interested in reporting of statutory rape and that this organization that does so much good should receive no funding.

Pence said that as a father of two teenaged girls he was "outraged." He claimed that he has seen investigations into Planned Parenthood all over the country and "there is a broad consensus that we don't use taxpayer money to provide abortion." Fact Check - taxpayer money is not used for abortions at PP. He said that the tapes "make an eloquent argument" for his bill to end federal funding for PP. Bill said that this happens all the time at "abortion mills." (Kaching, Bingo - "abortion mill" is a term used by the radical anti-choice movement. Factcheck - only 2% of PP's services are abortion related.) He then lied when he said that PP "profits" from abortion. Fact check - PP is non profit. He said that PP was doing something illegal by allowing a 13 year old to get an abortion without noting that in NY there are no age or parental consent restrictions. Bill and Mike said it was outrageous. Pence continued to whine about tax dollars supporting organizations that "promote" abortions. Bill did some "devil's advocacy" in presenting the counter argument about how PP services the poor. Pence brayed about Title X and how money is "fungible." He did not answer the question because the GOP has no alternative in their bill. Bill repeated that PP "makes money on abortion."

Comment: Don't ya love the GOP. They were elected to bring back jobs and decrease the defict and all they care about is denying reproductive services for poor families. And don't ya love Bill O'Reilly. Here's a man who was accused of sexually harassing an employee and who relentlessy accused a doctor who performed legal abortions of being a killer,who wants to defund Planned Parenthood. He watching out for you - except if you're a poor woman who can't afford another child. And just like his coverage of Dr. Tiller, this was just sooo "fair & balanced." I'm sure Bill's anti-choice pals were very happy with this segment!

Addendum: For those of you who are might want to send congress a message about the assault on reproductive rights here's the place to go:

"Stand with Planned Parenthood"


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