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Bill O'Reilly Pimps Lila Rose "Sting" Video On His Website

Reported by Priscilla - February 8, 2011 -

Planned Parenthood is under all out assault by the anti-choice movement. Laura Ingraham has already done yeoman's duty (Here, Here, Here) in promoting, on Bill O'Reilly's "Factor," the anti-choice propaganda associated with the "sting" videos done by former James O'Keefe associate and anti-choice activist, Lila Rose. I wondered how long it would be before Bill O'Reilly, whose relentless vitriol directed toward a man who performed safe and legal abortions contributed to a climate of hate in which this fine doctor was murdered, got in on the act. I'm not wondering any more because the man who won a "Courage Award," from the hate group "Family Research Council for his attacks on Dr. Tiller, has Lila Rose's New Jersey Planned Parenthood "sting video" on his website. It's appended with this commentary: "Earlier this week an anti-abortion group released video that they said proved a Planned Parenthood office in New Jersey had given advice to a "pimp" on how to conceal his illegal underage sex trafficking. On Thursday the same group released another video of a sting operation, this time at a Planned Parenthood office in Virginia." The title of the commentary is "Another Planned Parenthood Office Caught in a sting." Nowhere does he mention that, before the videos were released, Planned Parenthood contacted the FBI and other authorities. Nowhere does he say that the Virginia video shows nothing more than clinic employees acting appropriately. Nowhere does he say that Planned Parenthood fired the employee in the video. There's a war on Planned Parenthood going on and Bill O'Reilly (a fan of Lila's) is bringing it. And stay tuned, tonight he'll be featuring his stalker, Jesse T Watters confronting a Planned Parenthood employee. (The preview, as well as the newest "sting video" in which nothing inappropriate happened, is on Fox Nation where folks get really upset about stuff). Maybe Bill is hoping for another award. We know that when Bill has somebody or something in his metaphorical "crosshairs," things do happen! There's a war on not just Planned Parenthood but reproductive freedom and Fox "News" is bringing it!

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