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Bill O'Reilly Prefers Bloviating To Litigating

Reported by Priscilla - February 6, 2011 -

Not fa nothing! Bill O'Reilly is a simple man of the people. But those of us who are mere mortals are impressed with his keen intellectual acumen and his grasp of all things bright and beautiful. One of his fans asked him why he didn't become a lawyer. On his "backstage video," he informed us that hey, he likes gathering information and he likes bloviating which, in typical Bill O'Reilly humility, he admitted that he does quite well. He then kvetched about how the law has "the books with the this and the that", after which he stuck out his tongue. (Oh you sexy beast!) Bill's mother wanted him to be a lawyer but it just wasn't for him. But hey, Bill, like ya know, I can see how you're a good bloviator (and liar and smear artist) but journalism - surely you jest! At least the aforementioned commentary was slightly more lucid than the one in which he wanted to know how the moon got here!


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