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Laura Ingraham, "Pro-Life Media Luminary," Hosts Award Ceremony For Anti-Choicers Who Love Lila Rose

Reported by Priscilla - February 5, 2011 -

It's fitting that Laura Ingraham is a sub for Bill O'Reilly as both seemed to have been spawned in the same conservative Catholic and very anti-choice Petri dish. O'Reilly is a stalwart champion of the movement that seeks to criminalize abortion. For his ongoing attacks on abortion provider, Dr. Tiller, he was awarded a "courage award" from a hate group, "The Family Research Council." His soul sister, Laura Ingraham, is also a stalwart opponent of limiting the reproductive rights of her fellow women and this week, filling in for Bill, she provided the requisite anti-choice zealotry that is so prized on "The Factor." And speaking of prizes, while Laura hasn't received any awards, she has hosted two award ceremonies sponsored by the anti-choice Gerard Health Foundation. At the award ceremony, in 2009, Laura's gal pal, fellow Catholic anti-choice sting artist, and James O'Keefe associate Lila Rose was awarded $100,000. Two of the six anti-choice fanatics receiving awards at that time were Jill Stanek (she who claims she found aborted "babies" in broom closets at a Chicago hospital - among other bizarre rants) and Richard Doerflinger (abortion point person for the US Catholic Bishops and co-author of the anti-choice Stupak Amendment) And while sweet, lil Lila (Doesn't she just exude virginity?) didn't receive an award at this year's ceremony, our Laura (Doesn't she just exude Christian womanhood?) was, once again, the Emcee. (Alveda King, who claims that abortion is "black genocide" got an award) So it's apparent that Laura Ingraham is part of a group of anti-choice extremists that include Lila Rose. So much for Laura having any objectivity regarding the abortion issue.. And at the recent awards, Ingraham said that the "pro-life ranks are growing every day." Nice to see that Laura, a "pro-life media luminary," is using Fox News to attack Planned Parenthood (Nothing new for either Laura or Fox News) as a way to grow the ranks of her fellow travelers! But what's even more interesting is that in addition to the Gerard Health Foundation, Lila Rose has some very interesting connections to other right wing groups which do have ties to the GOP. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we - you know the rest.

Altenet has a report on Rose which includes the following:

"...Rose receives in-kind contributions -- basically, free services -- from CRC Public Relations, the firm behind the media sensation known as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. You know -- the guys who sought to impugn the war-time record of Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., when he ran for president. CRC is led by Greg Mueller, who worked on the presidential campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes. SourceWatch also lists among CRC's clients the Republican National Committee, the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Oh, and then there's the 2009 anti-health-care-reform effort by Rick Scott -- now the governor of Florida -- known as Conservatives for Patients' Rights..."


Addendum: One of my anti-choice "fans" has accused me of making up the term "anti-choice." He (yes, it's a male) doesn't seem to realize that this is a term that has been around for years as it juxtaposes those who support a choice (to abort or carry a pregnancy to term) against those who would not provide women with any choice except for giving birth. Dude is also a Bill O'Reilly fan, so go figure!


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