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Brian Kilmeade Enlists Log Cabin Republican, R. Clarke Cooper, To Defend "Jesus Chicken"

Reported by Priscilla - February 4, 2011 -

Chick-fil-A is a restaurant chain that bases its corporate policy on the principals of conservative Christianity. Because of its devout Christian worldview, it has been nicknamed "Jesus Chicken" by those who aren't in Jesus' inner circle. It has recently come under fire for the sponsorship of a conference given by a "family values" group that is anti LGBT - in addition to the restaurant's ties to other anti-gay groups. So it looks like more good Christian folks are being persecuted by the satanic, evil, librul "gay aganda" and what better venue for persecuted Christians to vent their holy spleens than the we love Jesus show "Fox & Friends." So it wasn't a surprise that good Christian Brian Kilmeade would provide a warm, affirmative place for Chic-fil-A to defend itself. What was surprising - and disappointing - was that the person selected to defend the restaurant is from the Log Cabin Republicans which is a group of gay Republicans who actively opposed the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy - a policy that was defended by another "Fox & Friend" friend, Tony Perkins of the homophobic hate group, "Family Research Council," who was also interviewed by Jesus BFF Brian Kilmeade. Christianity does make for some interesting bed-fellows!

On Wednesday of this week, Brian Kilmeade introduced the topic by citing how gay groups are upset about the restaurant's connection to a "pro-family" seminar. (Note that Kilmeade used the term "pro-family" and not "anti-same sex marriage.") He said that there was a reaction, from the gay community, about the conference titled "the art of marriage." (Hetero, that is!). The agitprop chyron: "Chick-fil-A Taking Heat, Under Fire for Supporting Marriage Seminar." (Hetero, that is). He read part of a statement from the president, Dan Cathy, of the restaurant chain who denied that they are anti-gay and have "no agenda." (ROFLMAO) He introduced his guest - not just any gay Republican but R Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans. Kilmeade totally misrepresented the "outrage" which he claimed started from a blogger and some students at Indiana University. Cooper said that his organization is pro-business and about freedom of speech and individual liberty. He added that during a time of economic hard times, it's wrong to attack this restaurant. Kilmeade, obviously taking his spin from the Christian right, said that "a lot of this is rumors and innuendo." Cooper said that he spoke about it with his priest (Oh?!?...) who called it "a tempest in a teapot" and similar to comments that the "church is anti-gay because the church is pro-family." (Uh, if the cassock fits....) He asserted that "many Log Cabin Republicans are saying what's the big deal, here." In response to Kilmeade's question of how he would react if he found out that this organization was contributing money to another organization that opposed same sex marriage, Cooper said that he wouldn't be happy as he was for marriage equality because he and his group see it as a "force multiplyer for the family." Kilmeade said "exactly" when Cooper said that the restaurant "isn't a religious institution but a private business." Kilmeade thanked him for his imput and expressed hope that "the hoopla would cease and desist."

Comment: Oh, Clarke. Wake up and smell the coffee. You seem like a well intentioned person so you really need to inform yourself about what's really going on. The blogger that Kilmeade dismissed, Jeremy Hooper at "Good as You," has done some excellent research which shows that Dan Cathy has less than six degrees of separation from some very homophobic causes and which provides a basis for the "outrage" that Kilmeade referenced. The criticism goes beyond the sponsorship of the anti-gay marriage conference. Chick-fil-A runs the "Winshape Foundation" which has a "retreat center" that hosts anti-gay marriage jihadists like Maggie Gallagher from the National Organization for Marriage, Jim Daly from Focus on the Family and others who preach against gay equality and who don't see, as you do, gay marriage as "a force multiplier for the family." The foundation stated (on e-mails - not "rumors or innuendo") that their programs about marriage are not open to gay couples - so much for Dan Cathy's comments about how his business "values all people regardless of their beliefs or opinions. We seek to treat everyone with honor, dignity and respect, and believe in the importance of loving your neighbor as yourself." So much for Cathy's not "having an agenda against anyone." And Clarke did ya know that, at one of the Winshape seminars, the homophobic Ted Beahr said that "the gay agenda" teaches kids to tell their parents that they are mean? And as "Queerty" points out - serving chicken to homophobes who denigrate gays means that - yeah - you're "endorsing" their views. These are some inconvenient truths that Brian Kilmeade omitted in his shameless promotion of Chick-fil-A. He didn't mention that in order to get a scholarship from Chick-fil-A you need to pledge that you'll follow Christian values. Persecuted Christians have a friend, not just in Jesus, but in "Fox & Friends."

Addendum: Chick-fil-A has done some persecuting of its own. In 2002, a Muslim restaurant owner sued the company as he believed that he was fired because he didn't pray to Jesus, with other employees, at a training session. The suit was settled. I'm sure Kilmeade would have approved of the firing.


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