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Laura Ingraham Pimps "Pro-Life" Propaganda In Attack On Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - February 3, 2011 -

As part of their effort to deny American women the right to terminate a pregnancy, the anti-choice movement is also seeking to defund Planned Parenthood so that poor women will be forced to give birth or resort to "back alley" abortions just like in the "good old days" when abortion was criminalized - which is the objective of the "pro-life" movement. The victories of anti-choice zealots on the national and state levels have given a fresh impetus to a "pro-life" crusade (or is it "jihad") to pressure lawmakers to crack down on abortion rights and that includes defunding Planned Parenthood. Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has already crafted a House bill to take away money from Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides gynecological care to low income women. As part of their campaign to shut Planned Parenthood down, anti-choice activist, Lila Rose, who has had several friendly interviews on Fox, has organized "sting" operations in which she and her cronies, posing as underage girls, go into Planned Parenthood in order to catch Planned Parenthood employees attempting to evade state law regarding parental notification and statutory rape. Rose is a former sting associate of the infamous "pimp" James O'Keefe whom she met at the right wing "Leadership Institute." Last week sweet lil Lila released a video in which a Planned Parenthood employee appears to aid and abet a sex trafficker seeking STD treatment, birth control, and abortions for underage girls. Planned Parenthood contacted local authorities and when they found out that similar visits had been made to other clinics, they contacted the FBI as they suspected that it might be a hoax. Based on the edited video, a Planned Parenthood employee was fired. And now this has become a cause celebre with the anti-choice peasant with pitchfork mob who are braying about how this is "proof" that the satanic Planned Parenthood is operating beyond the law - including the aforementioned Mike Pence. Not suprisingly, Laura Ingrham, who has had Planned Parenthood (literally) in her crosshairs before is targeting them again with a report on the "Factor." As a loyal and devout member of a church that seeks to ban abortion (and contraception) it wasn't surprising that Ingraham would be a little biased. Wonder if her back hurts from carrying around that great, big cross of gold!

Last night, Ingraham introduced the segment by citing a "Factor Investigation" which exposed serious (she emphasized "serious") violations at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in NJ. Factcheck - the "investigation" was the aforementioned "sting video" which had nothing to do with the "Factor." She said that she invited PP to appear but they refused. Taking a page straight out of the anti-choice playbook, she citied the tax dollars that "you, the American people" pay to Planned Parenthood. Her graphic had the PP logo with "receiving taxpayer money" underneath. (Hey Laura, my tax dollars went to a war that I didn't approve of and they also go to Catholic hospitals that won't provide emergency abortions when a woman's life is in danger. How bout that!) She claimed the "initial response from PP was to dismiss" the Lila Rose video as "an agenda driven thing" as part of the Rose video was played in the background. Factcheck - PP contacted authorities immediately. She then referenced a PP statement, regarding the "repugnance" of what the fired employee appeared to be saying to the sex trafficker and asked Jehmu Greene how something that's "repugnant" could be a hoax. (Lila's gang trolled 11 clinics and came up with just this?) Fox contributor, Jehmu Greene said that PP has zero tolerance for malfeasance and that PP is an excellent health care resource and that it's unfair to tarnish the whole organization by the actions of one employee. Ingraham mocked Greene's list of services provided by PP by saying that that PP makes most of its money from taxpayers and abortion procedures. She then lied when she said that "they make all their money from abortion." (Fact check - according to PP, only 3% of its services are abortion related). Greene told the truth when she said that the majority of women who access PP do so for birth control. (A mortal sin in Laura's church.) Ingraham described the stings as "investigative reporting'" (LOL - like O'Keefe's discredited ACORN sting videos?) When Greene described abortion as a decision between a woman and her doctor, Laura scoffed "and the American taxpayer." When Greene said that the tax money doesn't go to abortions, Ingraham said "it's all in one pot." As Greene, an African American, spoke eloquently of women's right to reproductive freedom, Laura smirked. But as her trump card, she pulled out the anti-choice abortion is black genocide with a "stat" about 30% of abortions are of black children." Ingraham, not knowing that minorities account for 48% of all births, said "that's been great for the Latino and black community" and "I'd rather have those kids here."

Comment: Irony Alert! Irony Alert! Laura Ingraham, who is part of a political party which seeks to cut assistance programs for low income minorities, wants poor kids to be born. Excuse Me? Helloo? And as far as taxpayer money, corporate welfare and spending on an unnecessary war are the real affronts to taxpayers. But let me get this straight - taxpayers are upset about mythical money spent on abortions but then they object to assistance for these "babies" when they're born. Oh well, maybe affluent white Catholic women, like Laura, can rescue these babes from a life of poverty just like Laura did with her children. There must be a special place in heaven (strictly RC, of course!) for Laura Ingraham who probably never did need the services of Planned Parenthood because she was just so chaste....Oh, and Laura, if minority women want to terminate a pregnancy, it's their business - not yours - and not the business of America's "pro-life" newsroom - Fox "News!"

Jesus loves me yes he does!


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