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Dick Morris: Obama Should Have “Aggressively Confront(ed)” Egypt Demonstrators

Reported by Ellen - February 3, 2011 -

Does Dick Morris seriously think we should be sending in troops to help prop up the Mubarek regime in Egypt? That’s what it sounded like when he said that Mubarek and the Obama administration should be “aggressively confronting the demonstrators” there. According to Morris, by encouraging Mubarek’s restraint, Obama had “open(ed) the door to Islamic fundamentalist domination.” Or to put it another way, as per Morris, Obama “broke Egypt and he now owns it.”

On The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night (2/2/11), Morris seemed more interested in finding creative ways to attack President Obama over the Egypt situation than in anything actually happening there. Telling guest host Laura Ingraham that Obama’s lack of criticism of the demonstrators meant “you could find yourself with a second Iran,” he went on to say, “Clearly, President Obama, whether it’s because of his words about radical Islam, his failure to condemn it, his failure to name terrorism as Islamic terrorism, and his appeasement and very possibility his outright efforts to encourage people to destabilize the Mubarek regime, broke Egypt and he now owns it.”

That seemed a bit too much even for Ingraham who suggested that Obama’s real mistake was not engaging “on the ground with credible secular leaders” sooner.

Morris called it “an illusion to say that there is a secular, liberal, democratic faction that can be dominant in Egypt.” Without offering any facts to support his theory he said that any such opposition would be “a front man” for “the Muslim Brotherhood so that they can take power and essentially create an Egyptian/Iranian alliance that will control 45% of the population of North Africa and the Middle East.”

Morris continued, “I think that what Mubarek should be doing and what the Obama administration should be doing is aggressively confronting the demonstrators. I think that if we encourage the military to stand down, if we encourage the Mubarek supporters to refrain from controversy or even from violence we really are opening the door to Islamic fundamentalist domination.” After questioning why Obama didn’t “lift a finger” when there were demonstrations in Iran (um, maybe because Iran’s not exactly an ally?), Morris added, “What, does he only oppose America’s allies and not our enemies?”

Ingraham agreed, “It seems like they have been pretty good at giving hell to our friends… but the people who actually do not have America’s best interests at heart and …our enemies, it’s – you know – giving them every benefit of the doubt.”