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Sean Hannity Suggests President Obama Is In Bed With Muslim Extremists

Reported by Ellen - February 2, 2011 -

Don’t tell me that bigots’ BFF Sean Hannity didn’t know exactly what he was doing last night (2/1/11) when he not only continued his baseless fear mongering about Islamic extremism taking over Egypt and the Middle East but now suggested that President Obama was at least tacitly co-operating with their efforts. And don’t tell me that Senator John McCain didn’t know what Hannity was up to but let it slide in favor of promoting a broader anti-Islamic sentiment.

It's pretty darned clear that Hannity was trying to steer McCain into blaming Obama for this "imminent" threat of radical Islamism taking over.

Hannity: And as (Obama) was praising the demonstrators… the thing that struck me the most about this, does he not realize that if the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now creating a coalition with El Baradei, get in power that that could mean another Iranian-style theocracy?

McCain would not go that far but he was certainly willing to join in the fear mongering about Islamic extremism.

McCain: Well, first of all, El Baradei is not a friend of the United States. Second of all, he could be a figurehead for the Muslim Brotherhood since he has no real following in Egypt. He’s lived most of his life outside of Egypt. Second thing is, the Muslim Brotherhood, we ought to recognize, is an organization that wants Sharia law, is tied up with Hamas, has been by any definition a radical Islamic organization, although they may be portraying themselves as somewhat different. And finally, now we have to make sure that a new election is free, fair, open, honest and that radical Islamic candidates or platforms are exposed for what they are. This is a very tough time ahead.

Later, Hannity tried again, a little more explicitly, to suggest Obama was somehow abetting the radical Islamic agenda.

Hannity: I think the president had an opportunity here to stand up against Islamic extremism. …When the president spoke in Cairo, apparently, the New Republic had reported at the time that he had invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood to go see his speech. It seems to me that – I don’t sense that the president has an awareness of just how dangerous this group can be.

McCain sidestepped by saying, "I hope he addresses that issue and does as quickly as possible."

Hannity pushed again.

"…It seems to me that Islamic extremism is the 21st Century threat that, that (communism) posed in the last century… Would the president not have a role then, Senator, in taking a position in principle, moral authority, to tell the world that an Islamic, fundamentalist state is unacceptable and that they should reject these terrorist organizations? ‘Cause I didn’t hear that from him today and I’ve not heard that from him throughout this crisis."

McCain sidestepped again. "If not saying that it’s unacceptable, say that they can never achieve their goals and aims of the people that are in the streets today in the various countries if they are subject to the rule of Ayatollahs, such as the people of Iran are and I think he has to make that message very loud and very clear."

As Think Progress noted, there’s no reason to think that Mohamed El Baradei is not a friend of the U.S. or that he’s in bed with any radical exremists. There are also good reasons for him to include the Muslim Brotherhood in his coalition because it could be that "the best way to defuse the more radical elements of Islamism is to incorporate moderate Islamist parties into a democratic political process so that they are not radicalized and turned violent."

But rather than debate – or even inform on those issues, Hannity demagogued and fear mongered to gain political, partisan points against Muslims, his uber boogeymen (even worse than Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Louis Farrakhan), and to smear President Obama with the whole pile of s***.

In my view, this is dangerous extremism in its own right and shame on Senator McCain for giving it a pass.