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O’Reilly Loses It As Alan Colmes Stands Up To His “The Left Is Anti-American” Rhetoric On Fox News

Reported by Ellen - February 2, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly and Monica Crowley were in fine patriotic form last night (2/1/11) as they “proved” conclusively how much they love America by dishing out a segment full of hate and scorn toward their fellow Americans. The targets this time were Sam Donaldson, who had the nerve to praise Al Jazeera for its coverage of the Egypt uprising, and “the far left,” because – well, just because. Bravo to Alan Colmes for clearly and unequivocally pushing back and telling his sister-in-law Crowley that calling the left “anti-American” was “disgusting” and “sickening.” Shortly thereafter, O’Reilly blew his top.

It’s not as though Donaldson praised Al Jazeera for saying anything anti-American or attacking America. No, attacking an American or Americans is something that Fox News does every day whenever a Democrat or liberal is discussed.

Apparently, praising Al Jazeera for doing something right is completely wrong (and anti-American) because, according to O’Reilly, “Al Jazeera makes a living blaming most problems in the Middle East on the USA and Israel.”

That must be completely different from the way Fox News pundits like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and yes, Bill O’Reilly blame most problems on American liberals.

“Talking Points can provide hundreds, hundreds of examples of anti-Semitism and hate-America rhetoric displayed on Al Jazeera, the network Sam Donaldson admires,” O’Reilly sneered.

And we can provide just as many examples of anti-Semitism and hate-America rhetoric on Fox News. In addition to the hate mongering against Americans, there's Sean Hannity's friendly interview with anti-Semite Andy Martin (for which Hannity has never apologized), another lapdog interview with Mel Gibson and Glenn Beck's anti-Semitic dogwhistles about George Soros. In fact, those dogwhistles were so offensive to so many Jews that 400 rabbis recently wrote to Rupert Murdoch asking him to rein in Beck. Fox News' response? Calling the rabbis "a George Soros backed left-wing political organization."

Colmes did not apologize or hedge or try to curry favor as so many other Democrats on Fox do. Noting that Egypt had shut down Al Jazeera, he said to O’Reilly, “I would think a populist like you would support Al Jazeera and freedom of the press… I would think that as a journalist, you would take the side of Al Jazeera.”

O’Reilly claimed that his beef with Al Jazeera was its lack of balance, that there was never anyone on to counter its anti-American message.

Oh, you mean the way there’s never anyone on to counter Glenn Beck’s attacks on President Obama, his former advisor Van Jones, George Soros or 78 year-old Frances Fox Piven?

In his inimitable way, O’Reilly said that the lack of "counter" on Al Jazeera was because if anyone told a mullah, “you’re a hater,” that person would “get a bullet right in the head when you walk out.” So it's not because Al Jazeera has an anti-American agenda? Or does O'Reilly think people should risk their lives by going on the network? Memo to Bill: That means conservatives risking their lives because according to you, liberals are all in bed with those Arab terrorists already.

Crowly said, “(Al Jazeera) is a propaganda outfit.” (Oh, the rich irony.)

Crowley added that she didn’t want to attribute it “directly to Sam Donaldson,” but “to make a broader point, that the far left in this country is, essentially, anti-American.”

“Oh, please. That’s disgusting,” Colmes said. “That’s sickening, that’s sickening.” He demanded to know “who on the left” is anti-American. Crowley never came up with a name.

Nor did O’Reilly. He graciously allowed as how Colmes was not anti-American but, “Certainly the far left has taken anti-American positions.”

“Let’s stop this name calling, let’s stop this demonizing of anybody we don’t agree with and call them anti-American,” Colmes countered.

And that’s when O’Reilly lost it.

By the way, this segment made it to Fox Nation, the website that boasts about how much it loves America (even though we have repeatedly caught their readers longing to assassinate President Obama and other Americans). Here’s how those patriots show their feelings for their country on this thread:




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