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Mystery of the Glenn Beck Chalkboard Solved? *

Reported by Aunty Em - February 2, 2011 -

The single most asked question is, “What’s up with the chalkboard?” It’s become Glenn Beck’s brand. When his chalkboard was rolled out at CPAC, it got a round of applause all on its own. As Beck earns more money than any previous shady televangelist, he’s been able to increasingly indulge in his chalkboard fetish. However, the latest Conspiracy Theory** about Beck concerns the origins of his infamous chalkboard. Oddly enough it dovetails with previous transgressions, so it could well be true. It’s similar to how he exhorts his gullible attentive suckers Refounders to buy gold, shilling for the gold dealers who are among his last viable advertisers; or his End Times Scenarios with suggestions to stock up, as he sells airtime for a freeze-dried, one-year, pantry-filled “screw you, I got mine, Jack” to people who are, no doubt, well-armed; or his daily Apocalyptic visions of a Communist, Fascist, Socialist, Nazi, ‘60s Radical, Progressive takeover of America, leading to a total breakdown of the system, while he sells Victory Garden Survival Seeds. Yet Beck lives in a snug gated community, which has extensive by-laws against putting in your own corn field.

According to this (we stress) unconfirmed rumor, before Beck took over the 5PM EST slot at Fox “News,” he performed a hostile takeover of a chalk and chalkboard company. Watch the 3 minutes and 25 seconds of this show opening and tell News Hounds whether you think Glenn Beck owns stock in a chalkboard company:

Video courtesy The Right Scoop***

There was far more to Monday’s show, which Beck bombastically called “The Coming Insurrection.” He claimed what’s happening in Egypt proves him right in everything he’s ever said about anything. To avoid SPOLERS and since it looks like the week will have a complex story arc, stay tuned for “The Beck Week That Was,” coming later this week. Tentative title: ISLAMOPHOBIA ON THE MARCH!!!

* Cavuto Mark
** by Aunty Em Ericann
*** Go for the insightful, in-depth, reporting, which is always impressive: “As normal I got home late and didn’t get to see it but I did see this big chalkboard map with fire on it! It must be a great episode.”

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