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Greg Gutfeld Enjoys Leching and Leering At Female Guest's Cleavage

Reported by Priscilla - February 1, 2011 -

Ah, don't ya love the smell of testosterone in the morning! It was just oozing from the pores and mouths of Greg Gutfeld and his fellow all American males during one of last week's "Red Eye" segments. The crew discussed a recent Carnegie Institute Study which concluded that the population annihilation, occurring as a result of the conquests of Genghis Khan, allowed forest re-growth which in turn helped to scrub carbon emissions from the atmosphere - so obviously some snark material here about massacres benefiting the environment with the requisite right wing climate change denial couched as satire. In response to a question from Gutfeld, his guest, attorney Remi Spencer asked "what did I do to deserve this?" The conversation then headed quickly to the gutter.

After Spencer, who was wearing a pretty low cut red dress, made her above cited comment, Gutfeld remarked "everything you did to deserve this is cancelled out by your dress." As he said this, Gutfeld's eyes dropped to Spencer's cleavage. As she said, "thank you," the fellow next to her (right wing climate change denier and "Pajamas Media" contributor) Bill Whittle) looked down at her cleavage. Spencer, also a climate change denier, then offered her take on the issue. After she said that "the warming has been changing forever," she commented that Gutfeld looked "unimpressed." He stuttered and said "it's hard to listen to you right now." Everyone in the group tittered including SE Cupp. Comic sidekick Andy Levy said "I'm experiencing a warm front myself and it's definitely woman made." Greg continued lowering the level of discourse: "I'm like everybody at home right now." Levy said "yeeess" while Gutfeld added "she could be talking about anything, ice crystals..." Levy interrupted with "forget about the Mongol invasion, I'm like in this jersey invasion." Gutfeld said "I am too."

Comment: To say that the dialogue was "sophomoric" is overstating it as it was vintage junior high boys' locker room. While the guys here are grown "men," they acted like pubsecent males tittering over a purloined "Playboy." But then again, the right wing is still a patriarchy (the white, Christian, male power structure, the demise of which Bill O'Reilly mourns) which appreciates women for their tig ole bitties rather than their brains. Frequently, one sees comments, on testosterone infected right wing blogs, about how Republican women are so "hot" - a word used by right wing dudes to describe Sarah Palin. (Yet, if a godless librul dared to critique Palin's couture, they were deemed "sexist.") It's not surprising that Gutfeld would engage in this type of salacious, sexist commentary given his misogyny (here, here, here,) and directing sexist commentary towards women is misogynistic as it's a way to humiliate women and establish dominance. Think Fox's Bill O'Reilly! The kind of banter that Gutfeld and his homies were involved with is actually considered an example of a hostile workplace and has been the basis for sexual harassment complaints. Think Bill O'Reilly! But I guess if you're a right wing male, you just can't help it as you actually believe that the lil gals just love to be teased. Right, Greg? But sexual humor sometimes compensates for feelings of inadequacy on the part of the "humorist." No big thing, right, Greg!?

Addendum: Media Matters has a great article on how Fox News is "the cable news home for sexism and scantily clad women." Speaking of which, when is the next "Lingerie Bowl?"


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