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Geraldo "Just Asking" If Islamic Extremism Is About To Take Over Egypt And The Middle East

Reported by Ellen - January 31, 2011 -

You really didn’t need to watch Geraldo Rivera’s two-hour “Chaos in Cairo” special coverage yesterday to get the not-so-subliminal suggestion that question as to whether you should be afraid, be very afraid that Islamic radicalism is about to explode in Egypt and the Middle East. Rivera’s “Cavuto mark” of an introduction said it all.

Rivera began his show with the following:

Live and At Large with a scary question: Are Islamic radicals already taking advantage of the turmoil in the Middle East? Today, in the nation where the current chaos sweeping Egypt and other Arab nations start(ed), Tunisia, a long-outlawed Islamic terrorist organization returned in triumph. Is Egypt next?

Of course, Rivera wasn’t saying Egypt IS the next "domino" or that Islamic radicals are taking over the Middle East, he was “just asking.”

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