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Hannity Disregards News Report In Order To Fear Monger About Islamic Extremism In Egypt

Reported by Ellen - January 30, 2011 -

I’m getting the feeling that Fox News just ignores its own news reports, at least in Egypt. Like John Bolton did a little later in the evening on Friday night (1/28/11), Sean Hannity completely disregarded the reporting from the uprising in Egypt in favor of fear mongering about Islamic fundamentalism being on the verge of taking over the country. As I wrote in my post about Bolton, I don’t pretend to know enough about the situation to estimate the likelihood of radical Islamic takeover in Egypt now or in any possible future government without Mubarek. But when a seasoned reporter actually in Egypt reports that it’s unlikely, I think I and the Fox News viewers deserve to know why we should not believe her in favor of the Islamohphobic Hannity and his guest, Brigitte Gabriel. Oh, and while Hannity may love him some democracy in Iraq enough to spill endless amounts of American blood and treasure, in Egypt - not so much.

Early in the program, Hannity brought on Kristen Chick of the Christian Science Monitor (whom Hannity called Kirsten Chicks) “for details on what is taking place on the ground.”

He forgot to mention that he was going to completely disregard and ignore what she reported.

Soon into Chick’s report, Hannity asked, “To the extent that the Muslim Brotherhood is involved, themselves, in this, I think the great fear and I think a comparable situation was back in 1979, the Iranian regime, shah… Is there a chance we can have an Islamic fundamentalist state emerge if Mubarek is overthrown?”

Chick said, “I don’t think so. I don’t think the Muslim Brotherhood has widespread support across society. In Egypt, they do have support for sure but I think what we might see is a more inclusive political system that would include them as a political party but I do not think that they would gain control of the Egyptian government.”

“Alright,” Hannity said, and abruptly ended the interview.

But later in the same show, Hannity brought on Gabriel. She wasted no time fear mongering – without challenge from Hannity – that Mubarek was the only barrier to Islamic extremism taking over the country. She said, “The Muslim Brotherhood …is trying to force a political Islamic rigid system in the country and … 67% of the people in Egypt would like to see an Islamic caliphate across the Islamic world and 74% would like to see a strict sharia law enforced in Egypt. That’s why Mubarek is worried about giving the people more freedom. He’s afraid that radicals are going to take over.”

Hannity said, “Well, I agree with that. That is the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood.” He added that the Muslim Brotherhood would not be involved “unless they thought they had an opportunity to create another Iranian-style state… It seems to me the Muslim Brotherhood has pretty much taken this over… Obviously, there is a very strong, there is a big stronghold of Islamic extremists that may very well take over Egypt.”

Gabriel kicked the fear mongering up a notch. “We’re gonna see another replay of Iran happening in Egypt... That’s very dangerous for Israel right now. Israel is surrounded by volcanoes about to explode.”

Hannity upped the ante, too. He dragged in the so-called Ground Zero Mosque and asked, “Is Islamic extremism far wider and broader and expansive than most people think?”

Then Hannity, the same guy who championed invading Iraq in order to turn it from a dictatorship to a democracy, now made it clear that not all democracies are created equal. Hannity asked if it wasn’t “far better to help prop (Mubarek) up than allow any type of Islamic revolution to take place in Egypt.”

Gabriel agreed, saying, “We need to support Mubarek.”

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