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Cavuto Fawns Over Sen. Rand Paul’s Plan To Gut The Federal Government

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 30, 2011 -

By Brian

On Wednesday (1/26/11), Sen. Rand Paul (R-TX) spoke about his plan to "go back to 2008 levels for everything but Medicare, Social Security, and the military,” which, he claimed would cut $100 billion. He also cited federal departments such as the Department of Education and the Department of Energy that “have gotten out of control” and would be "better handled at the state level." Although Neil Cavuto later acknowledged that to really put a dent into the deficit, entitlement programs would have to be tackled, he gushed, “You wanted to make a powerful statement this year.”

Referring to the Education and Energy Departments, Cavuto joked, "I guess those buildings in Washington, they can go condo. It's a hot market." Comment: Not funny, Neil.

Paul said, in all seriousness. "We can rent them out. You know there’s nineteen billion worth of empty real estate in Washington?"

Paul went on to explain, “Take the college scholarships that people seem to like and we move them into another department. Same with (what applies to national defense in) the Department of Energy."

Cavuto said, "You leave out the big entitlements, though, I guess to address another day." But he also made sure to put his seal of approval on Paul’s plan. “You wanted to make a powerful statement this year.”

"They're going to have to be addressed," Paul acknowledged. He added that it’s not just domestic spending that should be cut but “You’re going to have to look at military spending." He also said he wants to "cut 6% out of the 2011 budget."

Cavuto said, "Here's what worries me… The zeal to cut just isn't there… I don't see either party stepping up."

"The American public’s ready," Paul assured him.

Comment: A recent poll found that Americans prefer tax hikes on the rich as the first step toward balancing the budget. But Cavuto somehow didn't think to mention that. Also, Rand couldn't prove that states can handle the Depts. of Education and Energy better than the federal level – and Cavuto didn’t ask about it.

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