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Glenn Beck Has Lost almost 50% of his Audience Over The Last Year- And He’s Still Declining

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 27, 2011 -

By Aria

As Politicususa noted, Glenn Beck’s ratings have dropped nearly 50% over the last year - he’s lost almost 500,000 viewers a night since November.

Presumably, people are tired of his act and disturbingly low rate of accuracy about conspiracies. The fact that he may be inspiring violence doesn't help.

As Eric Boehlert at Media Matters reported, last year, Beck drew nearly 3 million viewers a night. Now, Beck is having trouble getting 2 million. Boehlert wrote: "Through the first three weeks of the year, Beck’s show topped the two million mark only three times out of the first 15 episodes that aired. I’ve been monitoring Beck’s ratings for some time and I cannot recall a streak of weeks like this where he’s so consistently fallen below two million viewers."

Though Politicususa is skeptical that Beck will be removed from Fox News altogether, one can’t deny that “Nazi Tourettes” Beck is becoming a more obvious financial liability , as well as being detrimental to the network’s image.

I wonder how much longer he’ll keep his prime time slot at this rate… though I have to admit that I hardly feel sorry for him.

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