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Rick Santorum Does More Splaining "On the Record"

Reported by Priscilla - January 26, 2011 -

Not only did Rick Santorum, a white man, get lots of face time, on Megyn Kelly's "America Live," to not apologize for his offensive and clumsy comments about how President Obama, as a black man, should say that fetuses are slaves who haven't been liberated by the 14th Amendment. Santorum also merited an appearance on Greta Van Susteren's show, "On the Record," for a little more Republican rehab. There was far less ideology in Greta's presentation; but Santorum was able to, once again, promote the anti-choice view that fetuses are "people" and that President Obama is ignoring what Santorum feels is a fact - but which others feel is a theological construct and which pro-choice women feel is an insult - particularly to black women who, according to the anti-choice "logic," are engaged in black "genocide." Once again, I was disappointed that another female Fox attorney didn't provide even a modicum of rebuttal regarding Roe. But I will admit that Greta didn't engage in the kind of right wing cheerleading that Megyn Kelly provided for a guy whose constitutional acrobatics, surrounding the abortion issue and slavery, are just window dressing for just more anti-choice women shaming with a racial component.

Last week (January 21st) Santorum was Greta's only guest for a two part segment about rhetoric, from politicians, that causes controversy. As on "America Live," Rep. Steve Cohen's "Nazi" comments set the theme of the discussion. Greta and Santorum spent some time discussing the comments. Santorum said that Cohen's statement was "dumb" and inflammatory. Greta sequed into the Santorum thing by saying, "Speaking of things that get us into a little hot water" and then played Santorum's "sound-bite." Santorum explained that he was referring to how President Obama said that the question about when life began was "above my paygrade" and how a "child" in the womb is "human life" but the Supreme Court has declared that it isn't a "person" under the 14 Amendment. (Isn't that the "anchor baby" Amendment that the right wing want to tinker with?) He continued with commentary about how, even after the passage of the 14th Amendment, blacks weren't treated as people. He said that it was "tragic" that the Court is saying "that a group of human beings" are "not people" and that "they're property" when, according to Santorum, they are not property. Greta said that she thought that "where the discussion goes off is when the word "black" is introduced into the discussion. and whether it's done for historic or racial reasons. Santorum maintained that the legal treatment of "children in the womb" is wrong and analogous to slavery. When Greta said that now Santorum knows what Cohen is feeling, he said he had nothing to apologize because "there is nothing to apologize for." When Greta commented about "how we seize upon any abuse we seize upon it and we loop it and we whatever, and we need to make sure that we get...," Santorum interrupted her with "No, I would agree with you that -- that when I used the word "black," all of a sudden, it gives people a reason to say, Oh, he's trying to make some sort of racial comment. I was not. I was trying to talk about a historical fact of how the Constitution was interpreted and how it's interpreted today."

Comment: At least Greta tried to keep the subject on topic which seemed to be about comments that can cause offense and how the press treats them. At least Santorum didn't perpetuate the lie that he told on "America Live" - i.e. that most abortion clinics are in poor, black neighborhoods. The truth is that 63 percent of abortion providers are located in predominantly non-Hispanic white neighborhoods and only 9% are in black neighborhoods. Being the righteous "pro-life" zealot that he is, Santorum fails to see just how offensive his comment is and won't apologize. Cue that Tom Petty song, "I Won't Back Down!" Oh, and Rick, black women won the rights of citizenship with the 14th Amendment. For you, a white man, to deny them the right to control their bodies - their property - sends them right back to the days of slavery.

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