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Megyn Kelly Facilitates Rick Santorum's Anti-Choice Rant

Reported by Priscilla - January 25, 2011 -

Fox News is loyal to their peeps - so much so that they gave their "contributor," Rick Santorum ample time to "explain" the context of his recent comment regarding President Obama, African Americans, and abortion. During a two hour interview, with Christian conservative "CNS," Santorum articulated the very popular anti-choice meme that human "life" (i.e. "personhood") begins at the moment of conception - a position not universally held by religious groups, some of which support a woman's right to choose. He then launched into a criticism of President Obama who, much to the consternation of the anti-choicers, does not support the anti-choice position. But Santorum upped the ante by bringing race into the discussion: "The question is, and this is what Barack Obama didn't want to answer -- is that human life a person under the constitution? And Barack Obama says no. Well if that human life is not a person then I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say 'now we are going to decide who are people and who are not people." Santorum was immediately criticized by those who felt it remarkable that a white man would try to school a black man about African American history. Pro-choice women were also infuriated that this man would compare Civil Rights to the abolishment of a woman's right. So Santorum had some splaining to do about his comment which, if not racist, was both clumsy and very offensive. Fox "News" provided him with that opportunity, as well as the oppourtunity to promote the anti-choice meme of abortion as black "genocide" and the opportunity to bash Obama. Let the word go forth...

Fox "news" person Megyn Kelly, no stranger to promoting anti-choice talking points, provided Santorum with his first session of rehab last Friday. After playing video of Rep. Steve Cohen's comments, she said that Santorum was also in "hot water" because of his comments. She played the video of his CNS appearance and then played the video of Rick Warren's question, to President Obama, about when "life" begins. She cited various criticisms directed towards Santorum including something from an unnamed "rival" network which described Santorum's commentary as a "racist rant" and commentary from "left leaning blog" "Firedoglake." She then allowed Santorum to go on a rant about "personhood" and how the "debate about "personhood" defined this country and that black people weren't seen as people before the 14th Amendment. (The "anchor baby" Amendment?) He made the debatable claim that in the 70's, children in the womb, who had always been considered people, were denied "personhood" and thus became "property." (Scuse me Rick, but my body is my property.) He said that he is just one of many people who have made this same point and asserted that legalization of abortion caused people to be "turned into property" and that "caused great strife when it was done to blacks." His voice got louder as he criticized Obama, "who as a constitutional lawyer has seen how people were turned into property...I would think that he would have a better understanding of what the consequences are of doing it again in the area of life."

Kelly worked in the propaganda message in the form of a question of whether Santorum's critics "took just one sound bite...and refuse to acknowledge the other things you said to put that in context..." Santorum said "of course" and then whined about how "civil discourse" should allow discussion of the substance of an issue and how he's trying tyo have a "civil discussion" about "the scourge on this nation" (Right, Rick, way to have a civil discussion by saying that women, particularly black women, who have abortions are part of a "scourge.") "and it gets turned into a racial charge." Kelly then cited how "Time's" Joe Klein defended Santorum who then said that Joe Klein knows about one of the issues "that I talk about that is the high rate of abortion in the black community." (Really, Rick? He didn't reference that in his article.) And appropos of nothing, cept for some anti-choice agitprop, he mentioned that the Philadelphia abortion clinic, where a doctor has been arrested for murdering newborns, fell through the PA inspection process. Being the social justice proponent that he is, he said nobody cared because it was in a poor, black neighborhood. He reiterated that "this is a scourge that has to be addressed." (Meanwhile, the scorge of poverty is dismissed by conservatives who would cut programs for poor black women who give birth) For the piece de anti-choice resistance, he concluded with the comment that "disproportionally blacks are being targeted where the abortion clinics are and the highest percentage of abortions are in the black community. That's the racial overtone."

Comment: Wasn't it nice of Megyn Kelly to let Rick Santorum rant about the "scourge" of abortion! While he blithered about fetuses being property, she didn't say a word about privacy rights that Roe spoke to. She didn't say a word about how pro-choice black women are offended by charges that they are being "targeted" which says that those black women, who seek an abortion, are either too stupid or too childlike to resist the siren song of Planned Parenthood which in my book, does seem rather racist. That Rick Santorum is accusing these black women of contributing to a "scourge" (not true as the fertility rate for blacks is higher than the national average) seems to be a replay of a racist white mentality that says that they know what's best for the black community. But maybe, in the interests of "fair & balanced," Kelly can interview a black person who has a different take, based on the actual history and not the revisionist history offered by Santorum, on this "scourge." Ta Nahesi Coates says: "Nor were slaves, as a class, denied "the right to exist," a notion that sounds cute and pleasing when deployed as a pundit's thought experiment, but is revealed to be foolish under the harsh light of actual history. Whereas abortion is necessarily premised on ending the existence of a fetus, slave-holding was directly premised on the continued existence of slaves." Maybe Kelly could interview a pro-choice black woman who is offended by the notion that, like blacks throughout American history, she can't own property - her body. Nah, this is Fox "News" which places ideology over "substance."


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