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Fox News' Presidential Candidates Got More Than 85 Hours Of Airtime, Worth Nearly $55 Million

Reported by Ellen - January 24, 2011 -

There are five serious potential presidential candidates for 2012 on Fox News' payroll: Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, John Bolton and Rick Santorum. Each gets plenty of face time on the air to promote their candidacy views courtesy of Fox. Rather than paying for all this publicity, each of these potentials gets paid. Media Matters did the math to calculate how much this air time would have cost to purchase and came up with $54.7 million in free advertising in 2010. But conferring conservative street cred via repeated presentations as a significant pundit? Priceless.

According to Media Matters' calculations, Mike Huckabee got $3.65 million in airtime as a contributor, $27.35 million as a host; Sarah Palin got $.42 million as a host and $7.17 million as a contributor; Gingrich got $7.42 million as a contributor; Rick Santorum got $4.98 million and John Bolton $3.72 million.

Put that together with their actual earnings from Fox and you've got quite a little GOP candidate staging ground and grooming operation going.

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