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"Fox & Friends" Promotes Sheriff Dupnik's Recall?

Reported by Priscilla - January 24, 2011 -

Inasmuch as the right wing scoffs at President Obama's past career in community organizing, Fox "News" is no stranger to organizing their right wing community for causes that Fox blesses. During the Fox "News" generated Park51 "controversy," Fox & Friends'" Brian Kilmeade interviewed a guest, who is a Republican politician who opposed the "Ground Zero Mosque" and who had (surprise, surprise) a petition called "Stop the Travesty." Kilmeade had, during another show, promoted his anti-Park 51 "hard hat" guest's "Hard Hat Pledge" which was a petition for those "hard hats" and others who might be working on the cultural center who opposed the project. Gretchen Kilmeade did a not so subtle promotion of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's call for cash in order to defend the anti-immigration SB 1070 bill that the Fox talking heads, particularly on Fox & Friends, so love. Thus, it's no surprise that, today, Gretchen Carlson interviewed a man who is head of an anti-immigration group and who is promoting the recall of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik who had the unmitigated gall to call out hate media for helping to create a climate of hate in which people were killed. As a propaganda piece, it was a twofer - another xenophobe gets free publicity for his two pet peeves - immigrants and Sheriff Dupnik who could be recalled if enough folks log onto the recall petition site being publicized by Fox & Friends. And of course there are bonus points for continuing to smear Sheriff Dupnik. There's rich irony in the campaign against Sheriff Dupnik (People for the American Way have a petition supporting him but I haven't seen any PFAW folks on "Fox & Friends!") whose comments about bigotry seem to be supported by "Fox & Friends" guest Dan Baltes,of "Americans Against Immigration Amnesty," (no agenda there!) as his webpage about immigration starts off with the (unsourced) number of crimes, including sexual offenses, committed by illegal immigrants!

Carlson began by citing how Sheriff Dupnik is "under fire" for his comments. She played video of Dupnik talking about the "anger, hatred, and bigotry" in America. She claimed that those comments "outraged many across the country" while neglecting to mention that people, who are outraged about the kind of bigotry seen on Fox "News," support him. She did a cute, little blond head nod when she introduced her guest who is part of a "group" trying to "oust" Dupnik. The agitprop chyron: "Controversial Comments, Effort To Oust Sheriff Dupnik." Dan Baltes, "Executive Director" of "Americans Against Immigration Amnesty" (who seems to be the only member) said that that Dupnik's comments "were an affront to every citizen in Arizona" (Even the "brown" ones who get profiled by Fox fave Sheriff Joe Arpaio?) He said that he believes that "Americans are born with the presumption that they are not a racist and until that individual removes that presumption, they keep it." (I wonder if those who opposed Civil Rights had that same presumption!) Gretch said that Dupnik was making the comments because "he's an elected official, a Democrat" (gotta work that in, Gretch) and doesn't agree with the Arizona immigration law. Baltes said that his group is attempting to get a recall election through the gathering of signatures. Gretch got the word out by asking the perfunctory "if people want more information, what should they do?" The answer is, drum roll please, to go to Baltes website!.

Comment: So let the word go forth....

Bill O'Reilly, in reacting to LA Cardinal Mahoney's plea for humane immigration reform, claims that immigrants are causing "anarchy." No "anger, hatred, and bigotry" here nosiree!

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