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Cavuto Likens JFK To Ronald Reagan

Reported by Guest Blogger - January 23, 2011 -

By Brian

On Thursday (1/20/11), Neil Cavuto’s “Common Sense” comments played up John F. Kennedy’s tax cuts as the forerunner of Reaganomics. But Cavuto left out a few important details.

Cavuto said, “John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, two Presidents whose historic inaugurations we remember today. Two Presidents who, save their obvious charisma and good looks, you probably wouldn't find many other similarities today. But you know something, you would be wrong. There's a big one, a really big one. Tax cuts. Reagan's were big, but JFK's were first."

Cavuto played a video of President Kennedy addressing the country in 1962 about tax cuts. Cavuto finished,"JFK would get his wish, sadly, after his death. But the economy would boom just as he said. Proving these two very different Irish-American presidents maybe weren’t all that different after all. One dared to ask not what the government can do for you, but what you can do for the government. And the other whether you were just paying too damn much for that government. Different presidents, same message."

Comment: According to TruthandPolitics.org, the top rate was cut from 91% in 1963 to 77% in 1964. Reagan lowered the top rate from over 69% in 1981 to 50% in 1982, then to 38.5% in 1987, and to 28% in 1988. Cavuto failed to mention that those rate cuts were so much bigger under Reagan, and that debt as a percentage of GDP was higher in the 1980's than the 1960's.

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