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Greta Van Susteren’s On The Record Does An Infomercial For Michele Bachmann

Reported by Ellen - January 22, 2011 -

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News’ sole “Democrat” with a prime time show on “fair and balanced” Fox News, has a new BFF, Michele Bachmann. While there’s no sign that Bachmann will displace Sarah Palin in Van Susteren's affections, Bachmann was certainly off to a great start last night (1/21/11). Van Susteren’s On The Record show started out with a breathless fascination about Bachmann’s visit to Iowa, followed by a puff piece with Griff “Tea Party” Jenkins called A Day In The Life Of Michele Bachmann. I’m sure it was just coincidental that Bachmann, who was passed over for a leadership position in the House as well as a State of the Union response, will be giving her own SOTU response on the Tea Party Express website. More importantly, check out how Fox News gave credibility to her extremist positions by posting them as banners on the screen while Van Susteren played lapdog and offered no challenge to a single one.

Starting at about 6:30 in the first video below, the banners began repeatedly reading:



Meanwhile, as a “Road to 2012” graphic remained affixed to the lower right of the screen, Van Susteren probed Bachmann’s positions in a friendly, non-challenging manner, thereby suggesting that they were mainstream and un-noteworthy.

In the second video below, in which Jenkins followed Bachmann around as she campaigned (and pretended she was just meeting voters), the only member of the public seen questioning her just happened to sound like a tea partier. The only other member of the public interviewed by Jenkins said he had been “honored” to meet her. But Jenkins also had time to promote ask about Bachmann’s anti-health care reform opinions.

Bachmann assured Jenkins he’d “be the first to know” if and when she declares for presidency.

There's not a reason in the world for her to do otherwise.

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