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Sean Hannity Wants "Feds" To Seize MTV Tape With "Half Naked" Teens

Reported by Priscilla - January 21, 2011 -

MTV has a new show, "Skins," which features teens and teen sex. MTV executives have recently expressed some concern that some scenes could violate federal pornography statutes. Not surprisingly, Brent Bozell, who, as head of a right wing media watchdog group, is pitching a fit about how this show is "kiddie porn." And Bozell should know. As somebody who is always on the alert for the kind of media decadence that is corrupting our fine, Christian youth, he noticed that the child star of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," Taylor Momsen, in her recent media appearances (not exactly mainstream), is showing her garters, stockings, and black panties. So he wrote an article for his right wing blog, "Newsbusters," about this "teenage temptress" and even provided a photo of Ms. Momsen, in all her glory, so that the "Newsbusters" fellas could recognize the true face of evil and pray about it. So Bozell has now moved onto "Skins" which, one assumes, he watches religiously in order to warn America about the kind of thing that foretells the end of days. Last night, on the Hannity show, he and Hannity seemed to get into the discussion with throbbing intensity. It didn't surprise me that Hannity would agree with Bozell about this utter depravity - but what did surprise me was that he wanted the hated, Satanic, un-American Department of Justice to do something about it. Funny, I thought that right-wingers didn't like "big" or "intrusive" government. Go figure!

Hannity described the "promo" for Skins as looking like an orgy with the kids "all over each other, half naked, some, etc. etc." (Oh, Sean, I love it when you talk dirty!) He then showed a photo of two girls, fully clothed, at a bar. Hannity cited a NY Times article in which, according to Hannity, MTV executives were concerned because the show was "quote, so damned racy that they worried that they would be arrested for child pornography." I don't know what article Hannity is quoting from, but the NY Times article that he seems to be sourcing, had no quote about "so damned racy" and nothing about executives being worried that they would be arrested. The quote that Hannity might be referring to is thus: "In recent days, executives at the cable channel became concerned that some scenes from the provocative new show “Skins” may violate federal child pornography statutes." (Guess Hannity was taking artistic liberties). He then cited how the producers have been ordered to tone down some of the scenes. Hannity then suggested that if this a "PR Move" then the "feds should confiscate the unedited tape."

Bozell said that MTV is "in trouble" because they have "crossed the line." He described the show as being about "underaged kids being involved in drugs and alcohol and sex and orgies and you name the debauchery." (Brent does love that debauchery talk!). He then noted that although the show features underaged teens, the show is rated for adults (guess that's why Brent is watching it) and that makes it kiddie porn. He said that there are now calls for the Justice Department to investigate MTV because "they could be responsible for a federal crime." (ROFLMA - the calls are coming from Bozell's "Parents Television Council.") Hannity said he had a photo that he couldn't show, on air, of the "kids laying all over each other, a lot of them half naked, hands everywhere, etc.etc." When Hannity said that the PR will get more viewers, Bozell, who should know, talked about "bursting hormones" (Bursting what, Brent?) and "the decadence of MTV." He then started screaming about how wrong it is to feature children involved with sex, and drugs, and alcohol. He said that he hopes the "feds" "slap the book at these people." (I thought the metaphor was "throw the book" but if Brent likes "slapping" it's all good) As MTV was reported to have contacted the NY Times, Hannity asked why, if they thought that they were breaking porn laws, would they have done that. Bozell, in his best high pitched nasal intonation, said that some, at MTV, are "clueless." His voice choking and his face red, he said "they think it's a PR move and what I'm saying is that it may be a crime."

Comment: Neither Hannity or Bozell mentioned that "Skins" is a hit in Britain. Neither mentioned that the only scene in question, vis-a-vis child porn was the naked posterior of a 17 year old boy running down a street. Neither mentioned that the episodes are aired at 10PM. Neither mentioned that teens (even Catholic school students) are involved in sex, drugs, and alcohol, so in that respect, the show is realistic. Neither mentioned that there are other programs, such as "Gossip Girl," that are just as "racy." But Brent and Bozell, good conservative Catholics, got to talk about debauchery, and half naked kids, hands everywhere.... Oh, bless me father!!!!!

Is this the photo that has Hannity so excited? It wasn't part of the NY Times article so Hannity, or his research staff, must have had to have done some looking!!! But right, this is just soooo debauched.


Oh, wait. How debauched is the Fox News video webpage?!

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