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Bill O’Reilly’s Never-Ending Hate Mongering Over Incivility

Reported by Ellen - January 21, 2011 -

Bill O’Reilly has pulled a neat trick for which, sadly, his Democratic guests last night were the perfect patsies. By complaining about “incivility” on the left, he was able to maneuver not just one but two so-called “Democratic strategists” to go along with his meme as they foolishly took his bait of arguing that calmer heads should and would prevail against the rhetoric O’Reilly was complaining about. In doing so, they not only fell right into O’Reilly’s trap of getting them to agree with his broader “Democrats-are-the-uncivil-ones-who-should-be-chastised” meme that has been going on since the Tucson massacre, they somehow allowed this to be a sleight-of-hand away from the far more incendiary rhetoric coming nightly from the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, etc.

Unfortunately, the two Democrats, Maria Cardona and Michael Brown, seemed more interested in finding common ground with O’Reilly’s criticisms than they were in owning up to and facing down his broader agenda: demonizing the left. In this case, O’Reilly went after the new Fox News scapegoat, Rep. Steve Cohen (it was nearly impossible to turn on Fox yesterday without seeing a clip of his “incivility”).

O’Reilly’s introduction should have been a clue to what he was up to. “Far left elements of the Democratic Party are running wild with their rhetoric even after President Obama called for civility.”

But Cardona, whom I have previously admired on Fox, “defended” Democrats by saying that Democrats would tell Cohen “to tone it down,” and agreeing that Cohen is hurting the party and “doesn’t help the president.”

Brown (Ron Brown’s son, not FEMA’s “Brownie”) was better and brought up how the GOP leadership never repudiated Rep. Joe “You Lie” Wilson.

O’Reilly said, “You’re smart enough to know you don’t justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior.” Project much, O'Reilly?

Then he went right back to his attacks on the left. “I’ll submit to you, Miss Cardona, that these far-left bomb throwers, particularly in the media, are so far out of control, they’re going to ignore (President Obama’s call for civility)… It was just hours after (President Obama) got off the dais that they started again with this invective, hateful invective.”

The same is completely true of O’Reilly and his Fox News colleagues. But, alas, Cardona either didn’t know or chose to overlook that fact. Instead, she continued criticizing Democrats. “They do (ignore Obama’s call for civility) at their own peril.”

“What’s the peril?” O’Reilly asked. And then he went on another jag, this time against CNN for being so boring “dust falls out” of their mouths (as Cardona and Brown smiled indulgently) and MSNBC for “mak(ing) a living out of personal attacks… be(ing) the World Wrestling Federation.”

I fully expect the hate mongering to continue unabated tonight.