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Cavuto Tries - And Fails - To Throw Rep. Jackson Lee Off Her Game Arguing That Health Care Reform Saves Lives

Reported by Ellen - January 20, 2011 -

Co-authored by Brian

I’m a long time fan of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. I love her no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach that refuses – just refuses – to be cowed or defensive. In this segment on Your World yesterday (1/19/11), Neil Cavuto tried to throw her off her game – and her argument that repealing the Affordable Care Act would cost lives – with a phony distraction: by arguing that she had made the wrong analogy at the beginning of the segment. Jackson Lee stood her ground and, in fact, Cavuto had misconstrued what she said. Sheila Jackson Lee is a Top Dog once again.

Although the segment was supposed to be about “Obamacare” saving lives, Cavuto immediately changed the subject in order to attack Lee. Lee began the segment by saying, "I'm standing in front of a picture of a senior citizen who had pneumonia, and if it hadn't been for her constitutionally protected Medicare, she might have truly, under certain circumstances, lost her life. There are people who have been living with pre-existing conditions, where now they will be able to have insurance."

Cavuto spent most the rest of the segment, which seems to have gone over its allotted time, arguing that she was “holding up the wrong picture” because the patient behind her was on Medicare which had nothing to do with health care reform. He told Jackson Lee, "You're going to have to give me more proof (that the bill has saved lives)… Because otherwise, you are really, really just making stuff up."

Jackson Lee was not a bit rattled. "I'm not making things up." She explained – and re-explained her point – that she had not been saying Medicare had anything to do with the Affordable Care Act but that so-called “government-run health insurance” is Constitutional and saves lives. "The argument is annoying to you because I'm right," she said, without rancor and without raising her voice. "It's not my fault you can't understand logic."

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