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Bill O'Reilly Misinforms About Imam Rauf's Connection To Park51

Reported by Priscilla - January 19, 2011 -

Recently, a University of Maryland study concluded that Fox viewers are misinformed. It's easy to see why when one examines Bill O'Reilly's concluding comment after his interview with CAIR's Corey Saylor. O'Reilly said "you may not have heard that in the Ground Zero Mosque controversy, the cleric featured Imam Rauf, remember Imam Rauf. He's been removed from that project for reasons unexplained. Word is that Mr. Rauf is not happy about that." O'Reilly is wrong. Rauf is still on the board of Park 51 which is not at "Ground Zero" and which is a community center that includes a mosque. Imam Rauf has a "reduced role" and has not "been removed" from the project. Rauf will remain on the board of the Islamic Center; but he will not be speaking on behalf of the project nor will he raise funds for it. He's still part of the project. His name is on the website as a Board Member. And while there appears to be conflict between Rauf and his business partner and reasons have not been articulated for the role change, O'Reilly's claim that Rauf "has been removed from that project" is not true. I don't know who does Bill's research, but as this information was available on January 14th, somebody is asleep at the switch. But then again, if the intent was to promote more agitprop, also promoted on "Fox & Friends," who needs research!