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Gretchen Carlson Sees Anti-Christian Conspiracy In EU School Calendar Mistake

Reported by Priscilla - January 18, 2011 -

It's only January 18th and we have our first poor persecuted Christian segment on the morning Christian Fox "News" show otherwise known as "Fox & Friends." American Christians seem to think that the slings and arrows of outrageous secular fortunes are being directed towards them - as opposed to Muslims who, according to the Christian right, get all the breaks. (Obviously, these Christians aren't paying attention during the routine Fox Muslim bashing segments). Despite the reality that American Christianity is not under siege, the world of "Fox & Friends" is a world of aggrieved Christians and "Fox & Friends" knows how to get them to whine even louder. Any complaint, real or imagined, is perceived as part of a conspiracy against Christians - or as Steve Doocy expressed it "anti-Christian sentiment that might be prevalent." The conspiracy against Christians is, according to good Christian Gretchen Carlson, happening in Europe and could happen here! Oh, nooo. This morning, she reported that a European Union school calendar omitted Christian holidays but kept Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu holidays in. The European Union says it was it was a mistake which will be corrected but Gretch called bullshit on them. The shoulders of those on "Fox & Friends" must be getting a little stooped from carrying that old, rugged cross!

This is hardly a big news item. The news outlets who are carrying it are the Fox News website, Tucker Carlson's "Daily Caller" and the "Times of Malta." But Gretch was darned upset about it and in introducing the topic which, for the reality based community, would elicit a yawn, said "this will get you steamed." (Jesus must be so happy with how "Fox & Friends" encourages Chrstians to get pissed off at people). The agitprop chyron was sure to get those outraged Christian juices flowing: "Calendar Ignores Christians, Includes Hindu, Jewish, & Muslim Holidays." (Those dirty heathens!) She said that even though this happened in Europe, "We always ask this question, could it be inching its way over to America ." (Uh, no Gretchen, we don't "always" ask this question.) She reported the transgression. In noting that the non-Christian holidays were kept, she, with a smug expression, asked "how did it end up that the Christian holidays were the mistake." Looking squarely into the camera, good Christian Steve Doocy said that it was a costly mistake because "they printed out three million copies." Another agitprop chyron : "Calendar Stirs Controversy European Union, Claims Omission Was a Mistake" followed by another sure to rile up all the Christian, Christmas warriors: "Passing on Christmas, EU Calendar Fails to Mark Holy Christian Day." After Doocy read a statement from the EU. Christian warrior Gretch says "that's so much bunk. How do you forget Christmas. Come on. That's just a bunk answer." Playing to some good Christian Islamophobia, good Christian Brian Kilmeade, said "but they can put the Muslim calendar days on but they couldn't put the Christian days..." Yukmeister Steve Doocy said that the EU doesn't have just egg on their faces, but a complete omlet for this "faux pas."

Comment: As the SNL "Joy Behar" would say, "So what. Who cares?" I wonder if the gang on "Fox & Friends" knows that Denmark is the least religious country in the world and the happiest. Oh, nooo...

Addendum: Gretchen must be so upset. The evil, librul 9th Circuit Court has ruled that the "Soledad Cross" is unconstitutional. Poor Gretch said, during a discussion about this with the Liberty Institute's Kelly Shackleford, that attacks on Christian symbols could lead to bulldozers tearing down crosses in Arlington National Cemetery. Newt Gingrich is so steamed about this that he wants the 9th Circuit to be disbanded!


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