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Bill O'Reilly Wants To Smoosh With Snooki?

Reported by Priscilla - January 18, 2011 -

Has Bill O'Reilly dumped Miley Cyrus for a star of the famous reality show Jersey Shore? Does Bill, a conservative "traditionalist," want to hook up with somebody who is looking for a nice, tanned, gorilla, juicehead - hardly a description of Bill but then maybe with a little "GTL" regimen he could merit at least a small fist pump. Perhaps Bill, as a celebrated author, is just looking to converse with a fellow author. Or is Bill planning on taking advantage of this famous young lady in order to boost his ratings? Inquiring minds want to know as Bill O'Reilly sent his stalker (whoops producer Jesse T Watters) to approach Jersey Shore's Snooki, at a book signing, in order to harass her about why she won't appear on "The Factor." A situation occurred and I'm not talking washboard abs. Suffice to say that at the end of the interchange, Watters was definitely not getting any fist pumps and Bill O'Reilly, a male media "grenade" who is so not "DTF," won't be getting any "smoosh" time with Snooki!

During last night's "Reality Check" segment, O'Reilly reported that Snooki has a new book out. He noted that he wanted to talk to her but she declined. However, according to Bill, Jesse Watters "could not resist approaching her." Bill rolled the video of Watters approaching Snookie (Nicole Polizzi) at a book signing. Like many of the bar scenes on Jersey Shore, things heated up immediately as a woman shouted, to Watters, that he was supposed to have been "cleared." Undaunted by a silly rule, Watters asked Snooki if she ever watched the O'Reilly show. She said "not really." Watters wouldn't give up. He said that Bill wanted to talk to Snooki about Obamacare, Afghanistan, and the Jersey Shore. Unfazed by Watters, Snooki continued to sign books. Snooki's publicist told Watters that the media was not cleared and Watters had to leave. The store owner then escorted Watters out and told him that he was banned from the store and the video ended. Bill then joked about how Watters has been banned from 822 stores and told Snooki that she was still welcome on his show.

Comment: I love Jersey Shore. I have less than six degrees of separation from Paulie D as one of my relatives went to the same grammar school with him (he had the same hair style in 7th grade) and another relative was friends with somebody whom Paulie dated. And as a fan, I have something in common with Megyn Kelly who doesn't have a problem with the show. Fist pumps for Megyn! And fist pumps for Snooki who handled herself with aplomb when Watters got in her face. Too bad that the "Sitch" and Ronnie weren't at the store (they take the "G" part of "GTL" very seriously) as being banned from the store would have been the least of Watters problems. Using the parlance of Snooki, I have this to say to Bill: You won't be going to Jersey Shore, bitch!


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